Before I got into float tube fishing, I didn't really use a net very much. I had one of those cheap Chinese knotted nylon string nets for landing trout at the local bait and wait shore fishing lake, but that was it.

Now that I'm fishing from the tube and always practice catch and release, I realized that I needed a good net to get the fish under control quickly and safely for him and for me and for the tube. Most fish have spines, which you certainly want to keep out of the tube and out of you and a net will help you do that quickly and safely.

The main consideration when choosing a net for catch and release is that it have a "fish friendly" flat mesh and isn't made from knotted string.

Fish saver nets are made with a flat mesh in rubber or plastic and they have a smooth surface that won't damage the protective slime or hurt the fish's skin.

So here's a short video about nets for float tube fishing.