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Thread: It's called FISHING

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    Default It's called FISHING

    I've been lucky enough to live nearby and fish Irvine for well over a decade and a half.
    I don't get why anglers get pissed at the lake when they don't catch fish. Yes, I know that you paid money to come to the lake.
    I've had MANY days where the anglers to the left and right are just killing them. I use the same bait, leaders, etc and I get the skunk.
    Do I blame the lake? HELL NO!!! It is called fishing, not catching.
    Somedays you're the hammer, somedays the rock. It's called life.
    If you want to GURANTEE a fish, go to the store and buy one.

    What I've found works for me is throw the tackle box at them.
    Change the bait. Change the color. Leader length. Line weight.
    I had a day where NO ONE was catching. I had pink worm, white egg. On a whim, I went with pink worm, yellow egg. BAM!!!! I was limited in 40 minutes.

    If you choose not to come back, that's OK with me. Less people to compete with.
    I will always fish here. Not just cause it's close to home, but for the chance to score a DD trout, and the raffles, the Team 57 get togethers, etc.
    Do I go to other lakes? Yes and I get fish and the skunk too.

    I'm not banging on anyone on this site. Do as you like.
    Remember, YOU chose this hobby. It's not an easy hobby. Sometimes frustrating, but in my opinion, always worth it.

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    Well said my friend.

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    I would have to agree. Ive skunked there one day then on my next visit I got my limit and NoHo Art got a DD.

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    well said

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    Good post. Nothing else to add to that.

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    Yeah man! Right on! It's a great sport--and the fun isn't all in the catching. It is the camaraderie, the outdoor experience, honing skills, learning things from others--well, you get the picture.

    I've never fished the 'vine--not yet anyway--but I'd never go based just on reports. I'd go to see what it's like, see who's there that I might know, enjoy being outside in the fresh air.

    You talk about getting skunked--man, you ought to try flyfishing sometime! Many's the time I was on skinny, difficult waters casting microscopic flies to finicky trout--and wished I'd had a spinner...

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    VERY well said Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It seems like people only throw tantrums when they skunk at a pay lake. Rarely can that be said of the "regular" lakes and its not like they are free either especially when you consider gate fee, launch fee and the extra gas to get there for most fisherman.

    If you can just drive it through your head that catching a fish is merely an added bonus to the experience, then you are bound to have a great time regardless imo.


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    Well said bro

    I’ve been to the vine 6 times for trout so far

    I’ve only come home with a total of 3 fish and have spent hundreds of $ buying new bait and gear to try and I don’t see myself not going back heck I can’t wait to go back.

    O and I’ve also been to Corona once for the skunk and have no problem going back.

    I have 3 city park lakes I could almost walk to but I prefer the pay lakes that cost me $20 in gas to get to because allot if it is for the relaxing and letting the problems of everything melt away for a day and laughing with friends
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    Absolutely well said. The sport is about the people, the relaxation, trying to out-think a fish..etc. That's what its all about

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    That's pretty well said. I won't go as far as some might when taking about the experience; when I pay for spending time on PAT lake I expect a better-than-average shot at catching fish. Today might not be my day and I might (and too often do) have to stop and buy salmon for dinner (see the start to my post on this week's outing), but I don't want to get the idea that someone's pulling a con on me.
    How-some-ever, we are so very fortunate to have the four PAT lakes we have in and around OC who put up the goods for us. And we can't forget the up-to-the-second information available right here.

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