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  1. Bluegill... I didn't make it to Skinner on the 2nd. I fished Perris on the 3rd. The bluegill and redear are everywhere. Phong and I could have easily caught a 100, if we wanted to clean that many. I fished Skinner on the 7th. Seng, Phong, Larry and I got our limits of stripers by 11:00AM. I'm really looking foreward to fishing for gills there. We should all get together and fill our boats with the. I'll keep you posted and please, you do the same.
  2. NFCD,

    I was just wondering if you made it out to skinner Saturday 5-2-09? We drove the boat to check out the gill and sure enought you can see 10-20 nice size gill just waiting to be caught. I have already told my brother to go buy waxworm for this weekend skinner trip in the striper slow down. The catfish are comming out from hiddening lately last Saturday we caught 6 and week before that 2 there are bitting on the same bait as the striper. Pretty soon once the water warm up the catfish and bluegill we be WFO.... Just wait for hundreds a day gill posting. Right now lake Paris is WFO for gill planning a camping trip there in two week... I heard that Paris will be doing boat inspection.. Have you?
    See you in the water. Skinner this weekend and Paris the next weekend

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