Santa Barbara Island

Location and General Info:

    Santa Barbara Island is located approx. 63 miles offshore. (33.28.29 / 119.02.10) It is a small island of 640 acres and is 635 feet at it's highest point. There is a visitor's center and Ranger Station on the island and camping is permitted by reservation (800) 365-2267.

Fishing Info:

    There is good fishing at this island year round. Because of it's proximity from shore, it is seldom visited by private and sport fishing boats. There is an abundance of calico bass, white sea bass, halibut and rockfish that inhabit it's waters. The island also sees an occasional influx of yellowtail, especially during the spring squid runs. 50-pound white sea bass and 30 pound yellowtail are not uncommon here. Even when the sea bass and yellows are not biting, there is always rockfish on the bottom and an occasional halibut to 50 pounds. Be sure to check the DFW web site for regulations and closures before heading out.

  • * MPA - No fishing within red borders.
    • GPS Reference Points (HRS.MIN.SEC)
    • MPA Northern Boundry : 33.28.30 / 119.01.48 - No Fishing South of this line.
    • MPA Western Boundry : 33.27.59 / 119.02.12 - No Fishing East of this line.
    • MPA North Eastern Boundry : 33.28.30 / 118.54.31 - No Fishing West and South of this line.
    • MPA South Eastern Boundry : 33.21.48 / 118.54.31 - No Fishing West and North of this line.
    • MPA South Western Boundry : 33.21.48 / 119.02.12 - No Fishing North and East of this line.
    • North East Reef : 33.29.19 / 119.00.50 - Rockfish, Yellowtail
    • Osborn Bank : 33.21.56 / 119.03.31 - Surface fishing only. No rockfish.

    Comments and Tips:

        This should be nicknamed "seal island" because of all the sea lions there. Many Great White sharks have also been spotted here.

        Although it is generally calm around this island (especially the front side), boaters should be aware that rough conditions can occur in-between the island and mainland. Smaller vessels less than 20ft. are not recommended for crossing the channel unless you are an experienced captain and know the ocean conditions well.

        If you know something about this area or have some photos that you'd like to share, please E-mail and I'll post it here!

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  • FNN member "Booya4u" with a nice lingcod caught near Santa Barbara Island.

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