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Thread: Wilson, Serene, Timothy, Deschutes, Metolius, Mt Hood, Cove Palisades, NEW SPECIES

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    Default Wilson, Serene, Timothy, Deschutes, Metolius, Mt Hood, Cove Palisades, NEW SPECIES

    "The 5 day tour of Oregon Back Country"

    Since I just uploaded all these videos on the side of the road somewhere,
    You may want to come back and look at them after youtube has finished
    processing the HD versions. If the videos are grainy right now, check back
    later. They should not be grainy for any reason. Make sure you also have
    the quality cranked up to 1080 or 4K on youtube so you get the full effect.

    Got some new boots, after ten years of wading without wading boots..

    6/6 drone crash video after skunk in Tillamook state forest.. at Wilson River
    Go back to town, mostly repair drone, get chores done and pack up to go fishing.
    Passed out inside the 5x8 trailer outside a friend's house in Portland.

    6/7 Headed over to Mt Hood National Forest.
    Hood National Forest is a lot bigger than I initially thought. lol
    All day spent getting lost and looking for Serene Lake loop and Frazier Turnaround
    Trailhead. Have been wanting to hike into Serene Lake loop and fish brookies for 3 years.
    No cell service and google maps kept screwing me and sending me down crazy roads
    to nowhere that were closed or not connected etc etc. Wasted a tank of gas..
    ..Kinda.. I did eventually find the right trail to turn down.
    Took all day to find the trail that lead to the Frazier Turnaround Trailhead
    (FR205), only to find it covered with snow at the beginning of the road.
    Got snowed out 4 miles from the Frazier Tunraround Trailhead, after all was
    said and done. *eye roll*
    Decided to camp at the head of FR205. I was beat. sun was almost gone.
    Spent allll day searching and driving down crazy roads to nowhere only
    to be snowed out. My spirit was a bit down!

    6/8 wake up at FR205, Realizing I passed Timothy on the way in. A drive up lake.
    I spent two hours exploring around Timothy Lake, but wasn't impressed as everything
    was all commercialized and pay to park and camp and hike etc etc. Not my type of
    place, even though there was no people around. Only one other vehilce there.
    I hit the head waters of the lake to see if there was any fish but there was a gate
    in the water for some stupid reason to keep any fish from going up stream.
    Decided to vacate Timothy and Hood National Forest all together. Headed East out of the
    forest, down toward Maupin, to see if I could get the Maupin Deschutes skunk off my back
    from last trip. Fished there for 3-4 hours and again, was handed the Maupin Skunk.
    We did find a FAT Garter snake, however.

    Decided to leave for the Metolius. Supposed to be the best fly fishing waters in Oregon
    next to the Deschutes. (yeah right!) This lead me through Madras to The Cove Palisades
    state park. This was a rather shocking thing to happen upon, having known nothing about.
    You're basically walking through the desert and then come up on the Grand Canyon out
    of nowhere. Kinda felt like that. lol. Hard to describe that feeling in your stomach.
    Three rivers were at play in this giant body of water. The Metolius and upper and
    lower Deschutes all dumped into one area. Pretty wild! Giant hole in the ground full of
    fish you could see jumping from up on the rim.

    While getting gas in Madras I had heard about big brown trout at the mouth of the Metloius
    that sit in Billy Chinook Lake and wait for things coming in.They said to go back
    there and throw jointed rapalas for the monster browns. All I wanted to use was fly
    rods, but I went back there to look anyway. The road was super rocky and took hours and
    hours just to go five miles. Of course I had to go like 30 miles lol.
    heard about big browns where metolius enters "lake billy chinook". Ended up at
    "Monty Campground" on the metolius. supposed to be best fly fishing river in oregon.
    Clear but roaring rapids. skunk
    stayed the night, paid $16.. hate paying to camp in a boondocking rig but the further
    gates were closed and traversing the super rocky road back to the Cove Palisades
    State Park was going to take half a day..

    I did suit up and throw some beads in the Metolius. Water was moving too quick.
    I Was either going to catch a fish or seriously get my *** kicked trying to fight that
    rough water. I opted instead, to make a big fire, get drunk, roast some hot dogs,
    study some more radio information to help me pass the third and final Ham Radio exam,
    and passed out in my 5x8 happy and cozy.

    Woke up, started another fire and dined on more hot dogs. Packed up camp, packed out my
    trash and headed back toward The Cove Palisades state park. I kept seeing all the fish
    jumping. Had to be bass or trout or something. Still had my 4wt fly rod rigged
    with a elk hair caddis fly traled by a beadhead. Went down to the water and hooked a
    smallie on my first cast... although it was oddly enough a foul hook.
    BAck to the 5x8, changed into my waders and got out my 8wt rod and my new wading boots.
    Tied on some of those bass flies I used to use a Perris, back in the day.
    Proceeded to catch another smallmouth bass, properly hooked, and my first WHITEFISH.
    On the fly! NEver cought one of those before. The highlight of the 5 day tour trip!
    He croaked at me like a catfish while being unhooked and tossed back into the drink.

    Got him on video. Will attach. 20 minutes of video and only one whitefish.
    You've been warned lmfao. To me, It's not all about the fish, but about my journeys
    and how I learned to catch the fishes as well as my dog, the RV and many other things.
    So I make big long annoying videos that nobody will watch, but me. lol

    The scenery at the Cove Palisades State Park was off the chain! Beat the pants off of
    Crater Lake, if you ask me. Not sure why nobody ever talks about it much.
    But I wouldn't recommend going to the headwaters of the lakes and looking for the
    giant browns without a boat. F those roads back there.. seriously!

    Didn't know what I was looking for the whole time. I guess it was my first Whitefish
    and some smallies on the fly?! Sounds good to me.

    6/10 heading through Bend to the Santiam to see if I can find any fish to eat a fly.
    Then perhaps back to my coastal mountain range waters to chase some significant fish.
    I'll be leaving this state for good any day now.. for a state that doesn't mandate
    human muzzles. Trying to get my fill. It's seriously political BS at this point,
    which is completely ridiculous. Any human with a brain can see through this one.
    Live free or die fighting on your feet. I'll never be on my knees.
    Beware Deception.

    Not a woman alive on this earth that can keep up with the Tacklejunkie.
    TJizzle out the hizzle.
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