I Submit, For the approval of the fishing network credibility society, (lmfao!),
The following:

I was "called out" by somebody for not showing off my protest video collection
filmed by yours truly! Ohhhhwhelllll I deeply apologize! I'll start with one I filmed
from in front of the white house and work my way back to the west coast.
I'm off grid. That means it takes me all day to upload a 2 minute video.
You're going to have to be patient with me. That also means that
I consider my "home" the whole USA because I can go wherever I want in the off grid RV
that I built with my bare hands.

So when I went to Washington DC, protesting at very state capitol
I came across on the way there (and filming it for proof!!) I wasn't joking
when I said I know antifa, I know BLM. I know patriots and the rest.
I've been there right between them all. I met them. I still have their numbers.
But I don't really have all day to explain that to people who don't know me.

That guy who called me out just got his wish. Like I said,
it takes me days to upload a two minute video while off grid.
The series will continue when I can get videos up. I'm very busy and
location changes often, but clearly I have been holding back on you guys. lol
I really have been to a huge portion of this country since the pandemic started.
Up and down the east and west coast, on video.

This was BEFORE the January sixth riot at the Capitol. I had nothing to do with that.
Probably why I'm not in prison right now. I saw the setup coming.
Some of the factions in the not-so-peaceful protest video here that I took:
Proud Boys
Boogaloo Bois
Grandmas and Grandpas
Christians of sanity and not
Non partisan anti-race-war anti-bill gates/Faucci protestors of all colors and sizes..
...and everything in between. All arguing and pushing each other on the street
in front of the white house. People got stabbed later that night. I was there.
No vest, no weapons. Taking videos... and I have A LOT MORE.
Thousands of hours more. So I'll start a new series.

Yes, I was telling the truth. If you could have only felt the confusion
in the atmosphere there, it was unreal! people fighting all around and yelling
and screaming and you didn't know who was on you side or not. One minute
a bullhorn in your ear the next Rex Jones giving you a speech on Camera.
government agents on top of buildings with sniper rifles protecting the white
house and big secret service agents and capitol police all around the
outskirts in plain clothes. gnarly dudes with huge handlebar mustaches giving me the
stink eye. the whole nine yards. Non binary folks with hitler mustaches. (not sure if that was fake or intentional or real?!)
I got off my butt and went to see what was happening for myself,
before I made up my mind by listening to the news or
opening my mouth to speak. I had to see it for myself.
Yes, the unrest is real!

Whos' side am I on?
America's. I think America got ripped off the last election,
Even though I didn't vote for trump or biden.
So hate me all you want and call me a liar. You're wrong, either way.
I don't think it's right for people to be destroying the USA with riots and
looting. You are taking from yourselves. Or right to call me a liar,
without knowing me or seeing that I really have been through protests and riots.
You're wrong.

I don't want you all to fight. That's all I want.
The harder I try to stop it, the more you all fight. All I can do is take video.
Arrest Faucci and gates. Hold CCP responsible for release of the virus.
Not the chinese people.
All of you matter to me, even if you hate me. I don't care. You are free to do so.

At any rate,
I have a cool drone crash video I'll post as well when I can get to some WIFI.
Blew a propeller off the hub in mid flight and the DRONE GOES WILD!!!

You're going to have to watch this 2 minute video 300 times to catch and
understand everything that is happening and contained within.

If ya'll only knew the things I've seen!
Peace out up in here.
-TJ, clear!