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Thread: best vaccine deal of the day

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    These people have been caught red handed being hypocrites and trying to silence the american people.
    YouTube remove many peoples channels who make a living on YouTube for talking about the virus.
    these companies are criminal and need to be held accountable.

    facebook silenced many voices. Now try to back peddle. Bahahaha. Omfg

    its everywhere. The truth is coming out from all angles at once!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post
    The hypocrit himself now allows “conspiracy” about the virus to be posted on Facebook!
    afyer months of removing it!
    get ready because they’re going to admit it’s true ALL OVER EVERY TV STATION AND NEWS CHANNEL!

    get ready for the truth boys and girls! They’re preparing you for it.
    this is going to be soooooooo good!

    Another great 'upgrade' here at FNN is how we no longer allow people to just say @hit without backing it up.

    I asked you before where you saw where FNNers were saying that Covid wasn't lab created?

    You realized you have no answer for that, so you move onto something else?

    Cmon man.

    So I ask you again.

    Where on FNN where people saying that the virus was not lab created?

    Or are you going to move onto something else that comes up on your Facebook feed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panshot View Post
    You're actually wrong. Very wrong.

    There was and is nothing "illegal" about the dissemination of propaganda. It is an activity our government has actively engaged in throughout the Cold War into our modern times. What the Smith-Mundt Act did was to prevent that very propaganda - which targeted at foreign entities - from reaching American audiences. Here is the relevant Code, as it previously appeared:

    The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 amended the Code with the following:

    The Modernization Act was explicit in prohibiting the use of this propaganda against Americans:

    So what these amendments Obama signed into law actually did was to make our nation's propaganda efforts abroad transparent to Americans. Nothing more, nothing less.
    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post
    prove that.
    I just did - see above.

    But now for your half-assed segue:

    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post
    Prove that obama isn’t running a third term under joe Biden
    You are trying to draw a conclusion based on a logical fallacy, argumentum ad ignorantiam. Sorry, but go peddle your nonsense somewhere else.

    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post
    the president who got the most votes ever but nobody shows up to his rally.
    If the size of rallies were a predictor of political victory, we should all be singing Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt! right about now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post
    I find it OK for myself to have a different opinion than you.
    you guys don’t. This is your problem.

    you are the ones thinking the world will end if they don’t poke every last Human on earth.

    and taking offense to it, none the less.
    that is your problem.
    You are presenting your opinions as facts, and making false assumptions as to what others here think.

    That is the real problem, and it is yours, not anyone else's.

    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post

    you guys are getting owned in here.
    No one is getting owned. The New York Post is reporting on study, yet to be published, on the origins of COVID-19. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed, yet heaven forbid the Post not start a headline with superlatives like "Explosive".

    Quote Originally Posted by tacklejunkie View Post
    The hypocrit himself now allows “conspiracy” about the virus to be posted on Facebook!
    afyer months of removing it!
    get ready because they’re going to admit it’s true ALL OVER EVERY TV STATION AND NEWS CHANNEL!

    get ready for the truth boys and girls! They’re preparing you for it.
    this is going to be soooooooo good!
    As Facebook is private property (albeit publicly traded), they are free to make any decisions which they feel are conducive to their business model.

    That they are no longer censoring these posts doesn't make them truthful or accurate. That is for scientists and our intelligence assets to determine.

    We do not yet know with absolute certainty whether COVID-19 was zoonotic, or developed in a lab and subsequently released accidentally or intentionally.

    But so what? Regardless of its origin, there is no vindication to be had which will offset the gross mishandling of this pandemic by the previous administration.

    As DarkShadow has painstakingly pointed out, no one here has argued the origins of the virus. It's a strawman used to defend irresponsible people engaging in irresponsible behavior. But more importantly, it is being used to bolster the idiotic and unfounded claims of pundits (and their followers) hell-bent on advancing an abhorrent and ridiculous political agenda.

    It goes like this:

    1. COVID-19 was made in a lab! This proves there was a cover up!
    2. "They" are using the pandemic as a means to control the population, foment division in our country, and curtail our civil liberties!
    3. We were right all along! Reinstate Trump! MAGA!!!

    The premise is so ludicrous it would actually be funny, were it not for the fact that the pandemic has killed millions.
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    meet any of these people on your journey to perdition
    they are the heart of conspirators and

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    the story behind the story

    Death of QAnon Follower at Capitol Leaves a Wake of Pain
    Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Evan Hill
    Mon, May 31, 2021, 4:49 AM
    For months, Rosanne Boyland had been worrying her family with bizarre notions she had picked up on the internet: Actor Tom Hanks might be dead, she said. A national furniture chain was trafficking children. Many prominent Democrats were pedophiles.

    Then, early in January, she texted her older sister that she was heading to Washington, D.C., with a friend to support President Donald Trump and protest what was happening in the country. “I’m going to dc,” she wrote. “I dont know all the deets yet.”

    Boyland, 34, was one of five people who never made it home from the Jan. 6 protest, which erupted in violence when hundreds of people stormed into the Capitol. Her death has left her family grappling to understand how Boyland, who they say had never voted before 2020, wound up waving a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag amid a crowd of fanatic supporters of the former president before walking up the steps of the Capitol to her death.

    Their frustration deepened further last week when Republicans in the Senate blocked an effort to establish an independent commission to look into the origins and the handling of the attack on the Capitol.

    “Why anyone would NOT want to find out what happened, even just to prevent it from happening again, is beyond me,” Boyland’s older sister, Lonna Cave, said in a text message after the vote.

    For months before the rally, Boyland had bombarded her friends and relatives with messages and links to long videos about the fantastical theories she had come to accept as fact. Many of the false claims spilled from QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy-theory movement that rose in popularity over the course of his presidency and promoted the idea that many Democrats and celebrities are part of a global pedophile ring — a theory that 15% of Americans believe, according to a poll last week. Many of its supporters falsely believed that President Joe Biden had stolen the election, and some attended Trump’s Jan. 6 rally.

    Boyland’s sudden fixation so alarmed her family members and friends that some of them asked her to stop talking to them about politics — or just to stop talking altogether.

    Some of her closest friends believe that Boyland was a vulnerable target for the conspiracy theorists. After a stint in drug rehabilitation, she had returned to her parents’ home and largely avoided drugs for several years, her family said. But the isolation brought about by the pandemic was making it harder. QAnon filled a void in her life, they said, helping distract her from thoughts of returning to drugs even as it acted as a different kind of hallucinogen.

    “I was worried that she was trading one addiction for another,” said Blaire Boyland, her younger sister. “It just seemed like, yes, she’s not doing drugs, but she’s very obsessively online, watching all these YouTube videos and going down the rabbit hole.”

    The family is also still struggling to understand how she died. From the video of the chaotic siege, it appeared that she had died after being caught in a crush of rioters. But the autopsy by the Washington medical examiner’s office did not find evidence of trampling and concluded that she had overdosed on amphetamines.

    Family members said it was likely that the only amphetamine in her body was the Adderall she took every day by prescription, although it appeared that she might have taken at least twice her prescribed dose.

    “We just want to find out what happened, to be able to rest,” Cave said. “This has been so messed up. We just want to grieve the normal way.”

    A Descent Into Conspiracy Theories

    For years, Boyland had been barred from voting because she had been convicted of felony drug possession, but she had also shown little interest in politics until 2020. In the fall, though, free from probation, she made it clear early on that she planned to cast a ballot for Trump. She registered to vote Oct. 3, a month before the election, records show.

    “She was so happy that she was able to vote,” recalled Stephen Marsh, 36, a friend of Boyland’s who said that she had been so thrilled that she had called his mother. “She was so excited about it because her past made it difficult for her to participate.”

    But her increasing absorption in the QAnon community was by that time pushing some of her closest friends away.

    “I care about you, but I think it would be best if we didn’t talk for a while,” Sydney Vinson, a friend since childhood, texted her on Oct. 3 after Boyland had sent her a long text message and screenshots about purported government manipulation of the news media. “Please don’t send me any more political stuff.”

    Boyland was the middle of three sisters, growing up in Kennesaw, Georgia, a city of 34,000 people about 25 miles northwest of Atlanta. She and her sisters were close as children, and her younger sister said she had been inspired by Boyland’s assertiveness and confidence. Even then, she had a penchant for conspiracy theories, her sisters said, but harmless ones, such as the existence of extraterrestrials or of Bigfoot.

    But when she was about 16, her life took a turn when she began dating an abusive boyfriend, her sisters said. She would blame black eyes on soccer practice and once came home with an unexplained shoulder injury. Around that time, she also got hooked on opioids.

    She eventually dropped out of high school, and her relationship with her family became strained. In 2009, when she was 23, she was charged with felony drug possession. Several other cases would follow, the most recent in April 2013, after which she was given five years of probation. It was only in July 2014, when she learned about the pregnancy of her older sister, Cave, that she pledged to be a better role model for her niece, her sisters said — and from that moment on, with a few brief relapses, she was largely sober.

    “She was always talking about how she couldn’t wait to be the aunt that was the cool aunt,” said Cave, who gave birth to her first daughter in March 2015. She now has two daughters, ages 5 and 6.

    Boyland grew close to both of them, often picking them up from school and documenting milestones in their lives. She spent much of her time going to group meetings and counseling other people who were struggling with drugs. At one point, she hoped to become a counselor herself.

    When the pandemic arrived, though, she had to spend much of her time alone at her parents’ house, and her in-person group meetings were canceled. She told her sisters that she frequently felt an urge to begin using drugs again.

    “She was really struggling,” Blaire Boyland said. “She tried doing the Zoom meetings, but she wasn’t getting anything out of it. She felt out of control.”

    Her friends began noticing that she was posting about conspiracy theories and about Trump.

    Before long, she was texting them about PizzaGate, a conspiracy theory that included false claims about Democrats’ trafficking of children in the basement of a pizza shop in Washington.

    “I’ve mostly been watching it all on youtube,” Boyland said in a text message to Vinson, her childhood friend. What most captured her attention, Vinson said, was the “Save the Children” slogan that QAnon members used to spread false claims about Democrats’ trafficking of children.

    “She cared about kids a lot,” Vinson said. “She thought she was fighting for children, in her own way, and just trying to spread the word about underground pedophile rings and just all of these things. I think QAnon had this way of making these things seem really believable.”

    At about 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 5, Boyland began the roughly 10-hour drive to Washington with a friend, Justin Winchell. They parked in Virginia and took a bus into the city to see Trump at the rally, where he riled up the crowd with unsubstantiated claims that his election loss had been rigged. “If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore,” Trump told the crowd.

    Boyland headed with many of the other protesters down the street to the Capitol.

    The Chaotic Siege

    Boyland could barely be made out at first in the footage of the crowd’s surge up the Capitol steps — a short figure, outfitted in a black hoodie and American-flag sunglasses.

    She disappeared into the mob inside the tunnel that presidents use when they emerge for their inaugurations. It was the scene of some of the day’s most brutal hand-to-hand fighting, and videos showed rioters crushing police officers between doors and warning that the crowd could become dangerously packed.

    Just minutes later, after a push by the police that sent the crowd tumbling back out of the tunnel, she could be seen lying on her side, after which two men dragged her away from the door and began trying to resuscitate her.

    It appeared to be a case of trampling. But then the medical examiner concluded that she had died of “acute amphetamine intoxication,” a ruling that left her family — convinced that she had not relapsed into drug abuse — flummoxed. She had been taking Adderall regularly under a doctor’s prescription and had not been seen to have any adverse effects, they said.

    Several forensic pathologists and toxicologists who reviewed the autopsy report said in interviews that the level of amphetamine in her blood — most likely from the Adderall — had been enough to be potentially fatal.

    Iain McIntyre, a former chief toxicologist at the San Diego County medical examiner’s office, said the level could be consistent with her having taken both of her 30-milligram daily doses at the same time, something Cave said her sister sometimes did. McIntyre said the high dosage of amphetamine, along with the raucous scene, her heart disease and obesity, could have been enough to make her heart stop.

    The day after Boyland's death, Cave’s husband, Justin, told reporters that Trump had “incited a riot last night that killed four of his biggest fans.” Then came a spate of cruel messages to the family from all sides — people who said they were glad Boyland had died, and others who had been infuriated by Justin Cave’s comments.

    The Caves were left wondering what they had missed and how they could have helped Boyland before she fell too deeply into the conspiracy theories.

    “That’s part of the reason I feel guilty, because none of us thought too much about it when she started looking into it,” Lonna Cave said. “I understand that she was somewhere she shouldn’t have been. But she would not have been here if it weren’t for all the misinformation.”

    sounds a little bit like you doesn't it

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    State Incentives

    The Talladega Superspeedway is offering people aged 16 and older who choose to be tested and/or vaccinated the thrill of driving their car or truck on the 2.66-mile track. Drivers and their riders will take two laps behind a pace car at highway speed, including the 33-degree-high banks.


    Executive branch state agency employees who get at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by July 1 will receive a $100 bonus.
    Starting May 26, Arkansans who get a COVID-19 vaccination can receive a $20 Arkansas Game and Fish certificate for fishing/hunting licenses or a $20 lottery ticket that could win a million dollars.
    California “Vax for the Win“

    10 winners selected on June 15 to win cash prizes of $1.5 million each. Any Californian ages 12 or over who has had at least one dose of the vaccine will be eligible to win — no entry necessary. If a minor wins, the funds will be put into a savings account until they turn 18;
    30 winners selected on “$50,000 Fridays. ”Fifteen winners will be selected on June 4 and fifteen more will be chosen on June 11 to win a $50,000 cash prize each. If a minor wins, the funds will be put into a savings account until they turn 18;
    The next 2 million Californians who begin and complete their COVID-19 vaccinations, starting Thursday, will be eligible to receive a $50 virtual prepaid card or a $50 grocery gift card for Kroger or Albertsons while supplies last.

    The Colorado Department of Corrections has announced it will provide $500 any of its more than 6,000 staff members who gets fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.
    Colorado Comeback Cash – The Colorado Lottery will conduct a random weekly drawing on behalf of the Colorado Department of Health & Environment to identify one vaccinated Colorado resident each week to win a million-dollar cash prize. All Colorado residents age 18 and older who have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, as determined by eligibility rules, are automatically entered into the drawing.

    The Connecticut Restaurant Association is partnering with Governor Ned Lamont and the State of Connecticut to launch the #CTDrinksOnUs campaign, where participating Connecticut restaurants will offer complimentary drinks to vaccinated patrons beginning May 19.


    Delaware officials are offering to inmates five days of good time credits, a free video visit, snack bag or a special meal, and an opportunity to be scheduled first for in-person visitations when they resume.

    DE Wins

    Delawareans 12 to 17 who receive a vaccine in Delaware will be entered into a raffle for a full scholarship to a Delaware university.
    Delawareans 18 and older vaccinated in Delaware between May 25 and June 29 will have the opportunity to win cash prizes.
    Other prizes include tickets to Firefly, four-day vacations at destinations in Delaware, a dart pass for a year, and free tolls within the state of Delaware.
    All Delawareans who have been vaccinated in Delaware are eligible to win $302, 000 and two low-number license plates.
    Delaware officials are offering to reimburse bars, restaurants, and shops that offer discounts, freebies or other incentives to customers who get vaccinated.

    Illinois will give out 50,000 free Six Flags tickets to anyone who has been vaccinated through a partnership with Six Flags Great America payment.


    State health officials announced that anyone who gets vaccinated at specially designated sites will receive a box of Girl Scout cookies along with the shot.


    The Kentucky Lottery announced May 10 that, starting immediately, people 18 or older who get a first or second dose of the vaccine at a Kroger or Walmart location will receive a coupon for a free Cash Ball 225 ticket.

    Maine “Your Shot to Get Outdoors”

    Any Maine resident age 18 and older who gets their first shot of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Maine will qualify to receive one of the rewards below:

    Fishing License: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will purchase up to 5,000 year 2021 fishing licenses for Maine residents from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
    Hunting License: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will purchase up to 5,000 year 2021 hunting season licenses for eligible Maine residents from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Eligible Maine residents include those who have completed a hunter safety course, have previously held a license, and are not felons.
    Maine Wildlife Park Pass: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will purchase up to 5,000 passes to the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, which are good for admission through the 2021 season, from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. One pass allows admission for up to two people.
    Maine State Park Day Pass: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will purchase up to 5,000 day passes for Maine residents to Maine State Parks through the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. The passes can be used through June 15, 2021. One pass allows admission for one vehicle.
    L.L.Bean Gift Card: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will purchase up to 10,000 $20 gift cards from L.L.Bean for use at their stores.
    Sea Dogs Admission Ticket: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will purchase up to 5,000 tickets from the Portland Sea Dogs, the Double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, for baseball games at Hadlock Field in Portland for 2021 regular season.
    Oxford Plains Speedway Pass: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services will purchase from Oxford Plains Speedway up to 5,000 tickets for weekly events in the 2021 racing season.

    The state will offer a $100 financial incentive to state employees who elect to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. To receive the incentive, employees must provide their HR office with proof of vaccination, and agree to receive all subsequent CDC-recommended booster vaccinations within 18 months of being fully vaccinated. The incentive is retroactive, so that all state employees who have already been fully vaccinated also will receive the $100 incentive payment.
    VaxToWin: A partnership between the Maryland Lottery and the Maryland Health Department to provide $2 million in prize money for Marylanders who get vaccinated.
    Michigan “MI Vacc to Normal“

    Once the state documents that 70 percent of the eligible population received at least one dose, its orders on masks and limitations for public and private gatherings would be dropped.

    Minnesota “Your Shot to Summer”

    Minnesotans who get vaccinated between Memorial Day weekend through of June 30th will be eligible to choose a reward from nine different options. The incentives are state park passes, fishing licenses, and tickets to fairs and amusement parks. There is also the possibility to receive a $25 Visa card.

    New Jersey “Shot and a Beer”

    In partnership with the Brewer’s Guild of New Jersey, the Governor’s Office and the Department of Health have launched the “Shot and a Beer” program to encourage eligible New Jerseyans ages 21 and over to get vaccinated. Any New Jerseyan who gets their first vaccine dose in the month of May and takes their vaccination card to a participating brewery as proof of vaccination will receive a free beer, courtesy of the participating brewery. This program will end May 31.

    New York

    Governor Andrew Cuomo began a promotion that would provide free tickets to Mets games from May 24 through June 17 and to Yankee games from May 7 through June 6 for newly vaccinated people, along with another promotion that gave residents free weekly subway passes.
    Vaccination program that will provide free NYS Lottery scratch-off tickets to individuals 18 and over with a grand prize of $5 million.
    Every person who receives the COVID-19 vaccine, either a first dose or single dose of Johnson & Johnson, anywhere in New York State this week is eligible to receive a free two-day pass to any state park.

    Ohioans aged 18 and older will be entered into “Ohio Vax-a-Million,” a weekly drawing with a prize of up to $1 million. A total of five weekly drawings for each prize will take place, with the first winners being announced May 26. Winners must have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by the date of their respective drawing.
    Ohioans 17 and under who are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination will be entered into a drawing for a full, four-year scholarship to any of Ohio’s state colleges and universities, including full tuition, room and board, and books. A total of five weekly drawings for a full, four-year scholarship will take place, with the first winner being announced May 26.
    During a May 17 press conference, Ohio Health Director Stephanie McCloud said that the state has already seen a 6 percent increase in vaccination rates among people between the ages of 30 and 74.

    Oregonians 18 and older will have the chance to win $1 million or one of 36 $10,000 prizes–with one winner in each county in Oregon. Oregonians age 12 to 17 will have a chance to win one of five $100,000 Oregon College Savings Plan scholarships. All Oregonians who have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by the draw date will be entered to win.

    West Virginia

    The state is offering $100 savings bond or $100 gift card to anyone between the ages of 16 to 35 who receives, or has already received, a COVID-19 vaccine. Money for this incentive will come from federal CARES Act funding.

    County And City-Specific Incentives
    Memphis, Tennessee

    City leaders began a sweepstakes for a free car to any resident who was vaccinated.

    New York City

    Offering free tickets and/or discounts for vaccinated individuals at specific attractions, including:

    NYC Aquarium
    NY Botanical Garden
    Brooklyn Botanic Garden
    Bronx Zoo
    Public Theater Membership
    Brooklyn Cyclones
    New York City Football Club
    NYC Ferry
    Mayor Bill de Blasio says he plans to add more incentives to the pot in the coming days as he inches closer to his goal of fully inoculating at least 5 million New York City residents by the end of June.

    Detroit, Michigan “Good Neighbors driving Detroiters”

    Giving out $50 prepaid debit cards to anyone who drives another person to a vaccination site, with no limit on how much a person can earn doing this.

    Teton County, Wyoming

    Announced an incentive program of its own called “shots for swag.” Health officials in Wyoming hope raffle prizes sponsored by local businesses will get the county 80 percent vaccinated by July 4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capoisok View Post
    State Incentives...
    Sad state of affairs where we need to bribe people to get their vaccines.

    People who refuse to get the vaccine, should get Covid 19 pumped into them so that they gain immunity that way.

    And if they die?

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    maybe start another thread

    you could title it people i know that died from covid inoculations

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