Headed over to Henshaw on Friday. Plan was Thursday, but job said Friday. Anyways, got there right before opening. Decided to rent a boat. Usually, I just walk around to the dam and to the rock piles, but I was with my cousin and he was passionate about the cheap boat rental prices. Ran into etucker on the boat dock and found out he also likes to put many miles on his car for fish. Off to the fishing. Stopped along to rocky shoreline to get situated and fish the rocks. Got a couple dink bass and one bigger bass(cousins fish) shook off at the boat. Start running a jig along the rocks with the 1.75 fin-s-shad. Managed 2 bites but no fish. Cant confirm if they were bluegill tugging on the jig or crappie. Never really saw the fish. Headed over to the boulders and 3 or 4 guys were there fishing with minnows. I saw them land 3 crappies when was within sight but cant confirm how good/fast/slow that bite was. I landed one crappie off a diamond mist garland swimr and actually missed a nice bite. Line took off left, I pulled and to my surprise ZERO TENSION... WTF. Got back in the boat and hit some trees for a few minutes. Nothing happening. Start heading off the water around 12:30- 12:45-ish to get back to town.
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