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Thread: Hit the Trifecta at Lake Henshaw

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    Default Hit the Trifecta at Lake Henshaw

    Even though most people don't get a lot of comments on posted fish reports on FNN. (it doesn't mean their not getting read and enjoyed by many people) How do I know that??? It's getting very common at lakes I fish, strangers quickly figure out who I am and tell me they read my reports! The same thing happened again on Friday May 14, 2021. As we were waiting for the boat attendant, the only other group waiting for him too. Struck up a conservation with us and quickly figured out who I was! (I do want to say this though) If you read my reports and get the urge to go fishing after reading them and think you can repeat my success. You must follow the strategy I used, or failure may be an option! I say that because we were the only ones on the lake today or lately that's been having any success! (as told by the lake management) How do I know if others follow my strategy they will have some success? Someone asked me for some advice this week and did OK down there! (they are the exception to what's been happening)

    On to the fishing.

    This was our 5th trip down there in 6 weeks and the fish keep biting in the same places on the same baits. In cleaning our fish, they are still full of eggs, so their not done spawning yet. We started off in last week hot spot to only find other anglers fishing there. (I heard this spot was pounding pretty good all week) We had only 1 bite there that resulted in 1 landed Crappie. The only good news about that spot was Racer X got his stringer back. So he headed down to the other end of the area where nobody was at. Racer X over shot the spot and we ended up fishing the wind protected side. Racer X got bit first on a good Bass and as he was reeling it in, "I heard a fishing sound in the bow of the boat where I was fishing." Some fish had eaten my Minnow and was trying to pull my rod over the side! I grabbed it and realized it wasn't a Crappie! (I had only 2 pound test on this pole) So I doubled check the drag and began to work this fish. After 3 or 4 good runs I worked it toward the boat. I finally got a glimpse of it and it was a nice 7-8 pound catfish. I slide the net under neath her and pulled her in the boat. After a quick hook removable, back she went into the lake. We ended up getting 4 Bass and 4 more Crappies off of this spot.

    Now it was back to the Lucky Bush spot. Up until now we had only missed 1 bite, so I thought we got the missed opportunity's out of our system. The Lucky bush spot was a major humbling experience. We got plenty of bites there on Crappie and Bass, but many of them escaped. What we found there was the Crappies were tight in against the tree's. We also hooked several nice Bass, before Racer X actually landed one. It was 1 pm and I had landed 7 nice Crappies and 4 Bass and that nice Catfish. Racer X got 2 nice LMB and several nice Crappies, so we called it an early day.

    At the boat dock the attendant asked us how well we did. I told him real well and he asked how good is reel well? I told him our numbers and he said that was the best score in awhile. We got the same 25 bites we gotten every trip so far. So I have no idea, what every other person is doing wrong! Another boat came in right after we did and they only caught 1 Crappie. They asked us if we would sell them some Crappies, so they could have a Crappie dinner. We just ended up going them some, because we've been eating Crappies for 3 months straight! Lol
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    eTucker, thanks for the report. If I cannot be there your reports are a good second option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eah View Post
    eTucker, thanks for the report. If I cannot be there your reports are a good second option.
    Thanks, I really like writing them! (Something always funny happens on most trips) So FNN is just a great way to share that experience whatever it was! People should realize, "I'm not burning my own lakes by writing fish reports on FNN." So maybe by example, I'm encouraging others to write up their adventures! People really do want to read about someones else's fishing trips.

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