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Thread: One more time! (trout are still biting)

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    Default One more time! (trout are still biting)

    I hate to ever walk away from biting fish. So with our last trip being our best, "I had to give it another shot!" Unfortunately I know people actual get bored with catching the same fish over and over again. So on this trip, I had to promise my friends we would test out the other species. (Crappie, Bass and Catfish) We would start by catching a few trout and then give the other species a whirl.

    So we started off where we left off the week before and their was still trout to be caught! No big ones this time, but still nice 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 pound fish. They had moved a little bit up into slightly deeper water, but their were still anxious to bite our Power bait. We had only 2 dry drifts and I almost had a limit. But I promised my friends, we would give the other species a try, so we abandoned the trout fishing even though they were still biting. (we easily could have limited out, if we stuck with it!)

    We first fished for LMB.

    The week before we could see them in the shallows just cruising along. (So our plan was to sight fish for them) Unfortunately, it had rained on Monday and that just dirty up the water. (so we couldn't see the Bass) After our feeble attempt, we abandoned that entirely.

    Next the Catfish.

    We had the bait and knew where to try, but after 3 drifts, we had 2 short bites and only 1 small catfish to show for our efforts.

    Next up Crappie.

    We had the live Golden Shiners, but alas we got no love from the Crappies!

    Just to prove a point and finish off my limit of trout. I had just 1 trout pole still rigged up and made 1 quick drift by where I figured the Meat of the trout still were. It took all of about 5 minutes of drifting to get bit and finish off my limit! So I ended up going 7 for 7 on catching a limit of trout on every trip to Lake Wohlford this year!

    p.s. I do think that was my last trout trip of the year down there. But you never know! Lol
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