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Thread: We saved the best for last! Two 7 1/2 pound trout to round out our Boat limit!

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    Default We saved the best for last! Two 7 1/2 pound trout to round out our Boat limit!

    I'm sorry more people aren't reading my reports and taking advantage of the excellent trout fishing at Lake Wohlford! I literally drew a map and if people would have followed it, they would have come up with some outstanding fishing! (I do take my own advice) This trip was on Tuesday April 20, 2021. The beauty of it is, you don't even have to get their early to catch the trout. We arrived at 10 am and were off the water by 3 pm with both limits of fun and limits of trout. I just had Racer X with me today, so our 10 trout barely fit in my Ice chest! That will happen if you catch two 7 1/2 pound Rainbow trout and have only 1 other trout less then 2 pounds! What's making this fishing so good is because the trout are all in such a small area! (it got even smaller then last weeks fishing trip) These fish aren't just from last weeks plant but Holdovers from the beginning of the season and everything in between. How would I know that? Because what was in their stomachs of the ones we caught on Thursday the week before. A lot of them had Bass fishermen s rubber worms in their stomach! The only why that would have happened is, they have been in the lake awhile and are eating what ever they could find!

    On to the fishing!

    We didn't waste any time checking out other spots, but just hit the area we caught our fish in the last 2 weeks before. We actually had a rough start! I had 3 short bites on Corn flavored power bait and when I hooked my first fish it spit the hook! Racer X didn't fare any better either on the Natural Green Garlic power bait. He had a short bite or two and when he hooked a crazy 3 pound Rainbow trout that was swimming everywhere, it sawed him off on the rocks in shallow water. (not a good start!) It was the next drift that I hooked the first of my 2 7 pound Rainbows. In some way's Racer X losing that 3 pound Rainbow, helped me land my 7 pound Rainbow. We hooked it in about the same spot (we were drifting) so when we were getting close to shore and those dangerous rocks. I fired up the motor and went into deeper water to safely land the big Rainbow! After that things went along pretty smooth. The fishy area was about 200 yards long and only about 50 yards wide. So on every drift but one, we either got bite or landed a nice Rainbow trout. We would only get 1 trout a drift, but they were short drifts. So we made 12 drifts and caught our 10 trout and 1 small Catfish. Along the way I hooked and landed another 7 pound Rainbow trout! So what a way to end our Trout Season at Lake Wohlford! 2 7 pound trout along with our 6th consecutive boat limits for all hands. So we ended our trout season down there 100% perfect on Full Boat limits for everybody who went!
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    Awesome report,sure would have been nice to see pics of two 7+ plus trout! Just saying. Not doubting.

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Quote Originally Posted by TUNAVIC View Post
    Awesome report,sure would have been nice to see pics of two 7+ plus trout! Just saying. Not doubting.

    Cya Tuna Vic
    I know you're not doubting. (Their is a built in accuracy check on here with me) My main 2 fishing partners now, I meet both of them on FNN. They read everyone of my reports and most of the time, they were on the trip with me. So if I was BS ing, they would call me out in private. Everyone who knows me, "including our mutual tall friend," knows I fish with a bit of my ego on the line. So the worst thing in the world to me and others is, "a fishermen with no credibility!" I can't get away with being Mussolini when I'm running the boat, if I would have Zero fishing credibility! Our mutual tall friend gave me the nickname Mussolini, because when I'm running the boat, I don't listen to any of his fishing suggestions. Lol I always come with a plan, so it would be foolish to start throwing darts, when I already have a strategy in mine. Don't get me wrong, if someone invites me fishing and wants to run the boat. I don't say a word! It's their trip and I'm sure they have a plan. I wouldn't go with them, if they were going to just stab at some lake! I have too much knowledge and experience, just to stab at a lake now a day's. Lol

    I am kinda sorry I didn't take a picture of those 2 trout, because they did look kinda impressive! I thought they were bigger then 7 1/2 by the way they looked. I did weigh the first one on the lakes scale, because I thought I had a shot at the whopper of the month with that fish. The 2nd was identical to the first one, so I called it the same weight. The people who were trolling caught a big one too and they also weighed it at the lake. It weighed 7 pounds too, so they obviously stocked several 7 pound fish!
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    Wow! That's a catch right there. I would have loved to see it as well. But it's okay, I could imagine it was astonishing.

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