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Thread: The last trout stocking of the year, "had the trout working out at Gold's Gym!"

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    Default The last trout stocking of the year, "had the trout working out at Gold's Gym!"

    We went back to Lake Wohlford on Thursday 4/15/21. This was their last trout stocking of the year, so we didn't want to miss out. We figured with the cool weather we had at the beginning of the week the trout would still be biting! We were right! This last load of trout were big and bright and full of energy! I think 6 of the 10 trout we hooked went air borne! You would get a small tap tap and before you set the hook, these things were flying in the air. Wow and then some of them made screaming runs like a Wahoo and then would jump some more! I didn't think we were trout fishing but Bill Fish fishing in Cabo San Lucas! Lol

    The cool part, was these fish were in the exact same area as the week before. (We didn't have to look very hard to find them) We never had a dry drift and we hooked as many as 4 fish in a single drift. (so it didn't take long to get our limits) The boats that were around us, "asked us what we were using for bait?" I told them briefly and wanted to say, if you were an FNN reader, "I spelled it out word for word on how to catch these things!" Lol I asked Racer X, "how many fish did you see caught besides the fish we landed?" He said, 2 trout! It's not like their wasn't any boats around us and some of them even tried drifting. But alas, they couldn't catch a trout to save their life. When we had 8 fish in the cooler, I told Racer X, "lets try to get our last 2 fish inside a bit," where everybody else was fishing. Since we both tagged 4 fish each, we only used 1 pole each. I kid you not, "in less then 5 minutes," we had a double hook up and we were done! What the heck was going wrong with these people I was wondering? Well maybe, we just found the perfect recipe like baking a cake. (in my last report, 4 for 4 at Lake Wohlford, I spelled everything out) So maybe, if 1 ingredient was wrong, you were screwed! Lol We did try fishing for Monster Catfish after we were done on the trout. We were fishing with "huge baits" so only a Monster Catfish could get hooked. We didn't hook any Catfish, but we did have a few bites. So next time, I'm going to bring some of the secret Catfish bait and some smaller hooks. (maybe we will hook a few smaller Catfish)

    When we got back to the Boat dock, the young lady who works there asked us if we caught anything? I told her Full limits of nice trout and showed her our Ice chest full of fish. She then asked us what we caught them on. I told her the most non secret bait their is, "Power Bait!" She then said something that was very surprising. She hadn't heard anybody catch many trout on Power Bait there in Weeks! I told her this was our 5th trip there this season and we limited out every time we've been there using Power Bait! Some one down their is spreading a bunch of bad information on what the trout really like in that Lake. But to our Loyal FNN followers, "we give you the Full Monty" on what's really going on! Lol
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