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Thread: Lopez lake report

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    Default Lopez lake report

    I just got back from my camping trip. there was very spotty cellular data and I was able to get off a quick report on my phone. And as Etucker over there has got a couple of crappie reports himself over there, I might put one of my own out there. Day 1: The water is waaaaaaaaay down so many spots were underwater. I settled on the backwards F dock, It not called that, but if you see it you'll know what I mean. Anyways, I was fishing a carolina rig with a worm and a marshmallow (I found out both trout and crappie will eat this) and casted from the deeper side of the dock towards the middle of the lake. All day, I got 2 hits and landed 1 trout. (lost a crappie right before lifting it on the deck). Day 2: rented a boat today and met a nice fellow who told me where to go. ( The coves to the north of the dam on the left side) but due to the horrible wind out there and a very hard to maneuver rental boat, we could not anchor properly and probably scared all the fish before we even fished a spot and didnít catch amything. (we were using chartreuse curly tail grubs) Day 3: My camping neighbor (the same guy who told me the spots), was nice enough to take me out on his bass boat. Fished the same spots with the same bites and caught 5 crappies all day (and a trout).
    P.S. Looking to go camping again in June, does anyone know any good RVing spots? (Sierras, San Diego, anywhere really. We do plan on staying a while so we need full hookups )

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    If you tow a trailer or have a tow behind your motorhome, Bishop has lots of full hookup sites. You can leave the RV and day fish everything from Convict Lake to Lake Sabina, to Pleasant Valley Reservoir and easy to get to spots along the river. Bishop provides many options plus there is a good BBQ place just about across from Schatz Bakery.

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    It's great you did a report! I was thinking, where else could you go for a few day's and camp and catch something? eah, gave you by far your best option. However, not now but maybe next year, you might want to try Lake Isabella. A lot of people just pull up to the side of the lake and camp out for day's! You do want to hit it at just the right time of the year though. Make sure it's not too hot or too cold! Next week starts their Trout derby and the Crappie are already biting. At times you can catch them from shore in quantity! If that sounds like an option you might consider, start doing your research now. Check out "You tube postings" and anything you can read about the lake. Copes Tackle in Bakersfield is a wealth of knowledge. They even do their own Fish reports on Facebook. You could even just call them up on the phone and ask them questions! Another area to consider is the Colorado river. (do your own research, before you would consider going!) That's it, besides the Local stuff off the top of my head!
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    Glad you got some fish out there!

    Spring time is a most wonderful time, especially for fishing. You are taking advantage!

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