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Thread: What's the most challenging catch you had?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay_B View Post
    Where is the photo of your catch? So that everyone around you would be a little jealous. I have never come across a large fish. All that I caught was small or closer to medium. It would be cool to catch a salmon weighing 7-8 kilograms.
    You bring up an interesting point about posting fish pictures on a fishing website. (everyone knows I don't post pictures) Their is a couple of reasons why I don't post pictures besides the obvious, they can be a lot of work to do it!

    1. I'm an ugly dude! I'm in my 60's and yes people still judge you by your looks! I know that for a fact on here!

    2. By posting pictures, I think you lose your audience of your written story. (which I do like to tell a story in my fish reports)

    3. I can't stand the fact on most fishing websites, a picture is all you get most of the time! Half of them won't even post the lake they went too!

    4. This is the most important one! It keeps the Haters and the Trolls off of your fishing reports.

    So here is the choice you get, show a picture and say nothing! Or saying anything you want, but don't post any pictures. If you do both, you will be
    accused by some of burning a lake! People just can't take seeing and hearing it all! I wrote one of my favorite threads about that topic! (I'm still sticking
    with that thought!)
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    Kay B, as I mentioned, my most memorable catches have been mostly unusual, not very large. On the large Crappie that I caught on a fly, our camera was not working during that trip so there were zero photos of that vacation. I don't think we bothered to take photos of the bass on the fly. It was just ordinary size for people using bass lures. It was just unusual for the tiny fly that I caught it on. (As mentioned, it almost happened again last year, so it might not have been a fluke.) The salamanders were amusing but I quickly put them back.

    I do have lots of fishing photos from the past several years that I have not posted here yet. Perhaps I ought to but I have a lot of other tasks and things on my mind. However, I have learned to be careful about posting photos for various reasons. Some of them can bring out the haters, as Eric mentioned.

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