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Thread: George gascon

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    Default George gascon

    This guy is garbage.

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    You get your vaccine yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post

    You get your vaccine yet?
    Nope. On to George gascon. Pico revera even said no to this d bag. Hes garbage

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    Nope. On to George gascon. Pico revera even said no to this d bag. He’s garbage
    I wrote an OP ed in the neighborhood blog about this guy. Apparently a bunch of city's, Pico Rivera and the city I live in are all about getting rid of this guy! (he's the LA county DA) He suppose to be too soft on crime. Here is the rub though. In my city, you want to know what one of the favorite topics that come up all the time, on the local neighborhood blog? The coyote menace going after peoples cat's and dogs! I don't know about you, but most people view their cats and dogs as family members! (my cat is siting 6 inches away from me, as I'm writing this piece) So here you got all these people complaining their being stalked by evil coyotes. (trying to do their family members harm) Yet the city's are only offering their Thoughts and Prayers about the coyote menace. (Gascon is not the real problem that people feel, the coyotes are) We are talking about people who are walking their dogs being stalked. Or coyotes jumping into their back yards to go after their small dogs. (a lot of people have cameras on their houses) So their picking this up on film! Cats are extremely vulnerable, my community cats I look after, sleep on my roofs at night!

    So the joke is with these city's, their getting all excited about really nothing their citizens will really feel! (Gascon is soft on crime) Yet they ignore the real menace! (Coyotes) Which their citizens have real issues about! My Zoe cat likes to go out in our yard, just to check things out and eat some grass. I now can only let her out in the middle of the day. (that's the least likely time a coyote will be out lurking) Plus I have to be out there supervising her, whens she's outside. Of course the city is doing nothing about fixing the coyote problem. (yet their all excited about Gascon!) It's not that hard to get rid of the coyotes with Humane live traps. (you could also safely release any by catch) Once the coyotes are caught, you could either euthanize them or safely release them in the desert.

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    crime levels are up nation wide
    more people incarcerated than ever
    2,200,000 as of 2021

    25% of the worlds total

    the current criminal system we use is a total failure

    here's pico rivera's current stat's not to safe a place to live

    Number of Crimes 235 1,068 1,303
    Crime Rate (per 1,000 resident ... 3.79 17.22 21.01

    seems the current system doesn't work very well and the amount of tax revenue needed to keep it in place leads the world in spending

    more money is spent on prison's than education

    maybe it's time to try a new approach dealing with crime and it's causes
    because there is no annual decrease in incarcerations' happening now

    having guns don't help

    more guns than ever out there

    maybe it's time to try a new direction dealing with crime
    instead of blaming george for crime that already happened under a failed system

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShadow View Post

    You get your vaccine yet?
    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    Cmon Chucksters. No vaccine?

    You don't wanna get tracked by Bill Gates?

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