Family Fishing Adventure with the Kids for Rainbow Trout near Kamloops British Columbia with the Jigging Jaw Jacker. Eveanly at 2 1/2 years old has really been showing interest in finally catching a fish. Every time we go fishing and catch fish I ask here after if she caught any fish. She always sadly says no. Well today was the day and she seemed big enough and interested enough to actually grab a rod. Watch to see how she does.

This was filmed over a three day period I believe with more fish caught then shown, but always difficult to capture everything on video. I would usually go out in the morning and explore, but every afternoon would come back to this same spot with the kids. I left the tent up for a few days and fortunately it didn't disappear. It was such a nice time to be able to stay at the cabin and just relax for the week away from all the craziness of the last year. It was a special time to enjoy with the family.