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Thread: Lake Wohlford report for 2/18 and 2/23

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    Default Lake Wohlford report for 2/18 and 2/23

    I've done so much fishing in the last several weeks, "I'm about to puke with exhaustion!" (so I'm going to combine fish report by the week of) I decided to forgo opening weekend at Lake Wohlford to avoid the Madness! A buddy of mine did go and spent the night in line to get a boat. That's too much work for me and besides he didn't even score on the trout for all that effort! I'll alway's use my brain over my body any day of the week. They did another trout stocking on Wed Feb the 17, so Thursday should be killer. (it was) I'm 61 now, so I get the Senior $20 all day boat rental charge and the $6 fishing permit fee. (what a deal!) We reasoned it was still close to opening weekend (plus another trout stocking) so we better be in line by 5:15 am to insure that we get a boat. We were the 11th car in line when we arrived, but it was pretty crowded by the time the lake opened up at 6:00 am.

    Techniques and tackle to use at Lake Wohlford in a boat.

    You start with light line (2-4 pound test) and a number 5 split shot weight and a number 16 treble hook for Power bait or an number 8 mosquito hook for Power Mice or Night Crawlers (that's the hot set up!) Why only a number 5 split shot some of you might be wondering? Because it's only 6 feet deep in most of the East end of Lake Wohlford. Places to fish at Wohlford for trout. Boat Dock cove use to be a major hot spot, which starts only 100 feet away from the boat dock. They closed much of it off with a buoy line, so it's not what it once was! The other hot spot is the East end. It start's at the East end buoy line and goes all the way up to the 2nd air ratter. (that's where the trout are in big numbers) Every where else is a waste of time in my opinion for trout! Remember fish have tails and they know how to use them. So they can be anywhere in that area! (it's really not that big of an area to find them in though) No fish graphs other then bobber cast ones are allowed at Lake Wohlford. So the best way to find them is to drift your boat in the wind. That seems so simple, but very few people know to do that to catch trout at Lake Wohlford! Instead their acting like Lieutenant Dan (Forrest Gump reference) and say drop your anchor (HERE) and that's where the trout are going to be. You can scratch out trout doing that, but "Man that's boring!"

    Fish report for 2/18

    We did something unusually on the 18th. We got our boat and then went and had breakfast. (the wind was blowing and it was too cold to fish) When we got back and headed down to the East end, all the boats were set up on the Left side in an area they call Willow cove. (as far as I could see their catching nothing!) I'm driving the boat and I told Phil we will start at the buoy line on the right to start our drift. (the wind in the morning is blowing East to West) It's blowing pretty strong and it's blowing the boat in a diagonal course into Willow Cove. Just about the time we get near the fleet of boats, we get a double hook up on trout! (nice ones too!) That turned a few heads! On the next drift things went a little crazy and we only got 1 short bite. After that we were getting 2 fish per drift. By then most of the boats picked up and moved and dropped their anchors where we hooked up last! (pretty funny) So I then had to start my drift in the middle of the buoys and we instantly got a triple hook up to finish off our limits! The whole time to get our limits took about 2 and half hours of time. We then drifted in the deep water for catfish and only caught 1 #3 pound catfish.

    Here is the funny thing about the bait we used to catch our limit of trout. We caught them all on Power Bait and Phil caught his 5 trout on 4 different colors of Power bait. I caught most of mine on Corn flavored Power bait. Here is the another weird thing about that trip. We caught most of our fish on our outside rods!

    Fishing trip for 2/23

    Remember I said earlier, I would rather use my head then my body. (this trip I did just that!) Instead of waking up at some ungodly hour to get in line by 5:15 am in the morning. This trip is a sleep in special and we didn't arrive at the lake till 11 am. It's now Tuesday ($20 Senior boat special still in effect) and 6 day's away from the last trout plant. What is conventional trout logic of 6 day's away from the last trout plant? They already caught them all! Lol Well we all know they didn't! So instead of freezing our butt's off in 40 degree weather, we arrived when the temperature was 62 and the wind was already blowing West to East now. Instead of dodging 20 boats in the East end, now their is only 3 other boats fishing for trout down there!

    I started the drift right down the Middle of the East end and we picked up 4 trout on our first drift! All on Power bait, but this time it was the inside rods getting bit instead of the outside rods. They also showed a preference for the Green Garlic power bait! After that most of our drifts we would only get 1 bite but it was steady down the middle. (then it dried up and I had to find a new area) After getting just 1 fish in Willow cove, I then tried the upper region of the South shore. I then caught a real nice #4 pounder and told Phil let's do that one again. Wham Bam Thank You Mam they were there and we finished off our limits! We got a total of 12 bites to get our limits.

    The 2nd trip was so much more enjoyable then the first one. So this week is another stock week coming up at Lake Wohlford. So do we freeze our butt's off in the morning this Thursday for sure easy limits and fight the Riff Raff! Or wait till Tuesday and use my Mad skills to get our fish? I do think the weather will be the determine factor. Either way it should be an adventure!
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