If you are having trouble catching trout through the ice then you really should try using a Flutter Spoon like a Slender Spoon to catch more trout. This type of lure is a thin spoon with a slow fluttering motion on the fall. It provides tons of flash and attraction for the fish. This will help call in fish to your location and make it easier for you to find active fish. Fish that are willing to chase a flutter spoon quite often with bite aggressively.
I like to fish this pattern quite eratically falling from just under the ice down through the water column and all the way to the bottom. This will help suspended fish see your presentation and give away there suspended depth as they rush in to catch the falling spoon. Quite often fishing a the same level in the water column can help you catch more fish.
I often tip my spoon with a small piece of bait. You do not want it to be too large or it will interfere with the spoons natural flutter down. Also you want the hooks to be exposed nicely for a solid hookset.
I know a few of you have asked where the Slender Spoon has gone, so I thought I would bring it back for this show. It still works great. Lots of fish to be had on this lure. I just took a break to explore some of the less touched corners of the tackle box.
If you have any recommendations on what you would like to see next time then give me a recommendation below.