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Thread: What type of baitfish or forage is there at Perris?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwin View Post
    Not much right now In my original and reiterated response, the supply of trout is very limited and they need to go where they are needed. Perris isn't one of those places. It's not like a 20 lb bag of bass can be had at Yucaipa lake consistently, if at all. There are not 1-2 lb bluegill swimming all over Rancho Jurupa lake. There are not 15-20 lb catfish swimming around Prado. There are not many (any?) 10 lb bass swimming around Mojave Narrows. There are not quagga mussels affecting the recruitment of juvenile warmwater sportfish in Perris. Perris is not limited in the amount of productive fishery habitat etc. etc.

    Bottom line is...if/when the hatchery issues are resolved, if/when all of the lakes that need trout and trout are overwhelmingly sought get what in necessary, and if/when there are fish in excess of that, then it is a possibility that Perris could once again get stocked trout. Until then, it is what it is.
    As always ... Excellent Kwin

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    I do not think F&G should even report ahead of time when they are going to stock trout will get out fast enough any how. Plus would probably give the weekend anglers a chance at some fish. Me I really do not care about chasing a stock truck but I can tell when they stock like at silverwood cause you cannot launch boat without people fishing on the ramp and they are not allowed to fish on the ramp really.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drifter023 View Post
    I do not think F&G should even report ahead of time when they are going to stock trout...

    If those trout aren't caught, then there is no incentive to stock them again.

    So, in the end, it's a good thing the DFG gives "week of" locations on where they stock. The goal is to take as many as they stock.

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    the announcement's are made simply to drum up business
    if the fish are planted and caught great
    if the fish are not caught great

    they don't care very much

    this years fish where ordered last year

    all has to do with perception and press


    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for their future budget request

    been lots of discussions over diminished native species and habitat preservation

    because of money allocated to hatchery's to enable them to
    introduce an inferior product,
    product yes because that's all it is

    quantity over quality

    one virus and it all could be over

    that's yours and your children's future

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