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Thread: The Night the Lights went out in Georgia!

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    Default The Night the Lights went out in Georgia!

    January 5, 2021 Moscow Mitch and the Republicans just lost control of the US Senate and gave the Dem's complete control of the government! For those who don't know my reference of the hit 1970's song sung by Carol Burnett side kick. (I'll give another song reference you all will know) The Devil (Republicans) went down to Georgia looking for some Souls to steal! When he meet Johnny (Stacy Abrams) and they had it out for control of the Senate! (Johnny aka Stacy Abrams) Just like in the song won and said, 'I told you once you "SOB" I was the best their ever was!' At this moment in time, I would like to apologize to the good people of Georgia for what General Sherman did to you in the Civil War! Lol

    The whole country must give thanks to the good people of Georgia!!!!

    For now with complete control of the Government, the Dem's can put in place all kinds of Socialism! They can start with raising tax's on the Rich and more governmental regulations for business's! They can get rid of the Filibuster in the Senate! They can start the Green New Deal! They can add 4 New Justices to the Supreme Court to give the Liberals a majority! They can give Statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington DC to add 4 more Democratic Senators to the Senate! They can have a huge Infrastructure Bill and pass it! They can have Universal Health Care coverage for all! They can appoint Beto O as the Gun Control Czar and start taking away people's Assault Weapons!

    At least these were all the fears the Republicans said would happen if Biden won and the Dems got control of the Congress! Let's see how many of these things really happen!

    p.s. I can't wait to see Sean Hannity show tonight on Fox. I've been waiting 4 years to see that SOB cry on TV! Lol

    p.p.s Don't you just want to go around honking your horn today in your car? Plus every time you see someone's Republican colors flying, yell at them "LOSER!" Lol
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    telling john and kelly not to let the door hit their *** in the way out is a good step

    but as far as getting a lot of new direction

    they still fall short

    a lot of things you mention would need a super majority to be voted into law, not a simple majority

    so the best thing to look forward to will be the trump trials not epic political changes

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