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  Piru Creek - Frenchman's Flat

Location and Directions:

      Piru Creek - Frenchman's Flat is located in the Los Padres National Forest near the town of Castaic. From Castaic, take I-5 north approx. 7.5 miles to Templin Highway turnoff. Follow old Highway 99 west and north, about 5 miles to Piru Creek at Frenchman's Flat.

Other lakes and rivers in the area:
Piru Lake
Casitas Lake
Pyramid Lake
Castaic Lake

Fishing Info:

    Rainbow trout are stocked at Frenchman's Flat by the DFG during late Summer through Spring.

Comments and Tips:

     I went to frenchmans flats a few days ago and it was good fishing. I went with 3 people from around 10 am to 4 and caught 12 good sized trout. we went under the first bridge. we used 14 and 16 size trebble hooks with salmon eggs. I recomend that you use 2 or 4 pound line.

     Have fished the canyon down toward Piru Lake and have caught a couple of fish to 20" a few years ago. It is a rough trip, but there are some really good pools, watch out for Rattle snakes they are everywhere, but they taste good also.
Chuck Noble

     Took a quick drive up to Piru Creek on 1-04-04 and arrived at Frenchman's flat around 10:00. Walked up past the first bridge and then tried some areas where we could get through the trees. Even without the underbrush it's a tough trek into the creek. The water was very low and gin clear. We managed to land about 6 or 7 small bows (6-8 in) using #14-#16 bead head pheasant tails. We fished most of the way up to the second bridge but never saw a fish over 8 in. talked to a couple of other guys with similar results. Probably needs another foot of water to hold some decent fish, but it was a beautiful day.

Scott Ford

     My Name is Jacob,
I currently am getting back into fishing after being dormant for some time. I go back to frenchmens flat because that was a spot I went to as a kid. I have been there atleast four times in the last month. I have made the hike all the way back up to Pyramid dam and have to tell you it is well worth it. It is probobaly about a 3mile hike from the camping ground but it is well worth it. You will cross a third and final bridge but once you get past that there is some pools that are atleast 50yards wide and approx. 100yards long. The first few times I never went back that far and had similar results as you. But when I went all the way back to pryamid dam I was suprised that I pulled out 4-5 rainbow trout that were well over a foot long. I would not be suprised if there is a 5pounder. On my last trip we noticed that there were also large mouth bass and Sunfish or Blue gill or both. We caught approx 4 large mouth bass the last time I was out. The bass seem very new to the creek because I could not see or catch one over 6 inches. Night crawlers and salmon egg's are what I always use. Hope this helps and Hope you check it out for yourself.
Thanks Jacob Young


My name is Steve, I learned to flyfish in Panguitch, UT this summer. I live in Castaic and have found Piru Creek (Frenchman's Flat) to be a lot of fun. I have been going once or twice a week since early August. I usually arrive about 6 am. If you hike (or bike) about 3 miles up the road, past the gate, you'll get to the dam. It is a hike down to the stream, but well worth it. There are several large pools in the area. I've caught several 8" - 15" rainbows using #14 and #16 brown or tan caddis, royal coachman and parachute adams flies! It's been a blast.

The water has been clear and the weather beautiful. Be sure to pick up an "Adventure Pass" at one of the mini marts in Castaic ($5 for the day) on the way up. The ranger's are hit and miss on them, but you'll get a $100 ticket without it in your windsheild!

Happy Fishing!

     If you know something about this area or have some photos that you'd like to share, please E-mail and I'll post it here!

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