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  NorCal Lakes

List of popular fishing lakes in Northern California!

  NorCal Rivers and Streams

List of popular fishing rivers and streams in Northern California!


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  Tuning in the Buzz
By Allen, aka "TightLines"
For all the Duct Tape and Crazy Glue fans out there, or if you just love to tinker with things till they're JUUUSSTT RIIIGGGHHTTT…….This one’s for you. More...

  How to use magic worm blowers!
We've all seen it- People holding up massive trout caught on inflated nightcrawlers.. However, many of us try using the "magic-worm-blower" and get pissed when we realize it doesn't work very well.. More...

  Fishing with Lip Ripperz
By Bryan Friedman, Owner - Lip Ripperz Trout Worms
A few years ago, we watched in disbelief as a group of anglers pounded the trout left and right using something similar to a mini jig, yet way more effective! These trout weren't just any trout...they were massive pieces of flesh weighing in excess of 10-17 pounds each! More...

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  DFW Fish Planting Schedules
Know when the fish are being planted in your favorite Lake, River or Stream. More...

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