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Lake San Antonio to Reopen for Recreation Thanks to Winter Rains
The County of Monterey and The California Parks Company are pleased to announce the re-opening of Lake San Antonio, which has been closed since July 2015 due to the drought. More...

  Take the California Heritage Trout Challenge
California's natural heritage includes one of the most diverse assemblages of native trout found in the United States. Over the millennia, 12 different types of trout evolved to inhabit the diverse habitats found in California. More...

  Southern California Lakes Affected by the Drought
I put this page together to help keep anglers updated on the current lake conditions here in Southern California. I'll try to keep it updated as more information comes along. More...

  Bait-N-Wait when the Striper are Picky
Sometimes the striper bites become almost undetectable. In the Springtime I've come to expect it. With a carbon fiber fishing rod you may see the rod tip move 1/8 of an inch and then nothing More...

  California Freshwater Fishing Records
Have you ever caught a big fish and wondered if it is a record? Angling records are broken every year and some never even make it into the books due to minor technicalities. More...

  Record Sunfish Caught at Lake Skinner
FNN member "ChaChaChicken" caught, weighed and released a 3.69 pound Redear Sunfish on March 30, 2014 More...

  Drought Emergency Threatens Access to Fishing Areas
California is banning fishing in some drought-stricken streams and rivers on the state's central and north coasts in an effort to protect imperiled salmon and steelhead. More...

  California Wins Suit Over Hatchery Fish Plants
SACRAMENTO -- A U.S. District Court judge in Northern California has dismissed a lawsuit that challenged the legality of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s stocking More...

  Catfish Fishing 101: The Basics
I'm no expert by any means but I'd like to start off with some basics for summertime catfish fishing. First off, a little fact.... there is no such thing as "catfishing". More...

  How to use magic worm blowers!
We've all seen it- People holding up massive trout caught on inflated nightcrawlers.. However, many of us try using the "magic-worm-blower" and get pissed when we realize it doesn't work very well.. More...

  Tuning in the Buzz
By Allen, aka "TightLines"
For all the Duct Tape and Crazy Glue fans out there, or if you just love to tinker with things till they're JUUUSSTT RIIIGGGHHTTT…….This one’s for you. More...

  Fishing with Lip Ripperz
By Bryan Friedman, Owner - Lip Ripperz Trout Worms
A few years ago, we watched in disbelief as a group of anglers pounded the trout left and right using something similar to a mini jig, yet way more effective! These trout weren't just any trout...they were massive pieces of flesh weighing in excess of 10-17 pounds each! More...

  Top 25 Largemouth Bass
20 of them are from California. Will the next world record be caught here soon?. More...

  All About Carp Fishing
The Carp - sometimes called over-sized goldfish, poor-man's trout, or mud rollers - is often considered a "trash fish" by many anglers and seldom respected, especially here in the USA. However, More...

» Saltwater Fishing Articles

  Quarantine of Sport-Harvested Mussels
The California Department of Public Health recently announced the annual quarantine of sport-harvested mussels gathered along the California coast. More...

  New Changes to the California Rockfish Regulations
Rockfish Season begins March 1st in Southern California and some important new changes to the regulations will go into effect! More...

  California Saltwater Fishing Records
Feeling lucky? There are four records still up for grabs! Know your records and rules before you go out. That nice catch could put you in the books... More...

  Catch more and bigger perch, guaranteed!!!
Not gonna mince words - our in-shore fisheries are over-fished. Don’t believe me? Ask any local old enough to remember the 60s. So, the reality is, either you are part of the problem or part of the solution. More...

  So you want to catch halibut from the surf...
well so do a lot of people! That said, it's a good thing that you are interested in it, and I hope you find this enlightening! More...

  How to Fish Winter Time Sand Bass in Artificial Reefs
By Jimmy Bass
Okay FNN, here it is - my long awaited how-to article on structure sand bass fishing in the Santa Monica Bay. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. More...

  Ghost Shrimp & building a Ghost Shrimp Pump
Ghost Shrimp can be found in many places along the Southern California coastline. Adult Ghost Shrimp grow to about 4 ½” long and the males tend to have one claw that is extremely larger than the other More...

  White Sea Bass Fishing
Salt-water anglers in SoCal know it's springtime when the white seabass start to feed heavily at our islands and along our coast. More...

  Modifying Factory Lucky Crafts
I’ve received quite a few PM’s asking for me to detail the steps of customizing the LC’s. The level of difficulty range from easy to moderate, depending on how creative you want to get with the special touches on your creation. More...

  Sand Dab Fishing
By Carl Lee
Morning: The day started with a concern for the big swells forecasted. Should I take some motion sickness pills? More...

  Featured Area: Newport Bay
This little harbor can be big on fun and you don't even need a boat to get in on the action. Bass, halibut, sharks and rays provide great sport for anglers year 'round! More...

» General Fishing Articles

  Take the California Fishing Passport Challenge
Pack your bags, load up your tackle boxes, grab your favorite rods and reels, and join us for great fishing adventures across California's many lakes, rivers and ocean waters. More...

  Basic Waders Repair 101
When you fish hard in the surf, it’s just a matter of time until you suffer a setback with your waders. Whether thru wear & tear or damaged by hazards. More...

  Boat trailer bearings 101... Every boat owners need to know how
So being a boat owner for years, I learned real quick how to keep the trailer bearings in working order. Every season they should be inspected and greased. More...

  Proper Catch and Release Techniques
It's simple, the only way to catch the big fish is to practice catch and release. If everyone would start releasing their fish back to the water after the catch, they would grow big and you would have the chance to catch them again. More...

  Float Tubes and Float Tubing
Float Tubing is fast becoming a popular way of fishing for both fresh and salt-water anglers. The closeness to the water, stealthy approach, and having access to waters sometimes not reachable by shore or even boat, gives More...

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