Piru Creek

Location and Directions:

     Piru Creek - Frenchman's Flat is located in the Los Padres National Forest near the town of Castaic. From Castaic, take I-5 north approx. 7.5 miles to Templin Highway turnoff. Follow old Highway 99 west and north, about 5 miles to Piru Creek at Frenchman's Flat.

Other lakes in the area:
Piru Lake
Casitas Lake
Pyramid Lake
Castaic Lake

Fishing Info:

    Rainbow trout are stocked at Frenchman's Flat by the DFG during late Summer through Spring. Be sure to visit the CDFW web site for complete regulations before heading out.

Comments and Tips:

      I went to frenchmans flats a few days ago and it was good fishing. I went with 3 people from around 10 am to 4 and caught 12 good sized trout. we went under the first bridge. we used 14 and 16 size trebble hooks with salmon eggs. I recomend that you use 2 or 4 pound line.

      Have fished the canyon down toward Piru Lake and have caught a couple of fish to 20" a few years ago. It is a rough trip, but there are some really good pools, watch out for Rattle snakes they are everywhere, but they taste good also. Chuck Noble

      Took a quick drive up to Piru Creek on 1-04-04 and arrived at Frenchman's flat around 10:00. Walked up past the first bridge and then tried some areas where we could get through the trees. Even without the underbrush it's a tough trek into the creek. The water was very low and gin clear. We managed to land about 6 or 7 small bows (6-8 in) using #14-#16 bead head pheasant tails. We fished most of the way up to the second bridge but never saw a fish over 8 in. talked to a couple of other guys with similar results. Probably needs another foot of water to hold some decent fish, but it was a beautiful day. Scott Ford

      My Name is Jacob, I currently am getting back into fishing after being dormant for some time. I go back to frenchmens flat because that was a spot I went to as a kid. I have been there atleast four times in the last month. I have made the hike all the way back up to Pyramid dam and have to tell you it is well worth it. It is probobaly about a 3mile hike from the camping ground but it is well worth it. You will cross a third and final bridge but once you get past that there is some pools that are atleast 50yards wide and approx. 100yards long. The first few times I never went back that far and had similar results as you. But when I went all the way back to pryamid dam I was suprised that I pulled out 4-5 rainbow trout that were well over a foot long. I would not be suprised if there is a 5pounder. On my last trip we noticed that there were also large mouth bass and Sunfish or Blue gill or both. We caught approx 4 large mouth bass the last time I was out. The bass seem very new to the creek because I could not see or catch one over 6 inches. Night crawlers and salmon egg's are what I always use. Hope this helps and Hope you check it out for yourself. Thanks Jacob Young

     9/16/05 My name is Steve, I learned to flyfish in Panguitch, UT this summer. I live in Castaic and have found Piru Creek (Frenchman's Flat) to be a lot of fun. I have been going once or twice a week since early August. I usually arrive about 6 am. If you hike (or bike) about 3 miles up the road, past the gate, you'll get to the dam. It is a hike down to the stream, but well worth it. There are several large pools in the area. I've caught several 8" - 15" rainbows using #14 and #16 brown or tan caddis, royal coachman and parachute adams flies! It's been a blast. The water has been clear and the weather beautiful. Be sure to pick up an "Adventure Pass" at one of the mini marts in Castaic ($5 for the day) on the way up. The ranger's are hit and miss on them, but you'll get a $100 ticket without it in your windsheild! Happy Fishing!

Went to Piru today 4/9/13. I tracked up the hwhole course of the river to the damn. There are no trout to be seen. If you are looking for a tough treck then this is quite arduous. The scenery is amazing however watch out for ticks and you will get eaten alive by Mosquitos and horse flies. Plenty of wildlife with ground squirrels and a huge abundance of different lizards. Did not see a rattler did see a deer. If anyone knows when they are going to put the trout in the river I would happily go back.

      If you know something about this area or have some photos that you'd like to share, please E-mail and I'll post it here!

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