Boquet Canyon Creek

Location and Directions:

     Bouquet Canyon Creek is located approx. 30 miles north of Los Angeles, near the city of Santa Clarita. From I-5 exit Valencia Blvd. Travel East to Bouquet Canyon Rd. Travel N. on Bouquet Canyon Rd. to the creek and on up to the reservior.

General Info:

    Be sure to have a Wilderness Permit displayed in your windshield if you plan to park your car here. Daily permits are available for $5 at the ranger office.

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Fishing Info:

    As long as there is enough water flow to support them, rainbow trout are stocked here by the DFG from late Spring through Summer. The plants start from Bouquet Reservoir downstream approx. 9 miles to Texas Canyon. Be sure to visit the CDFW web site for complete regulations before heading out.

Comments and Tips:

    This is a very small creek with some portions as narrow as 3 feet across at times. For this reason, easy limits are common, but it also gets fished-out quickly. The best time to go is within 3-4 days after a DFG plant. Also, because of it's size, lures and artificials are very difficult to fish here. The best outfit to use is an ultra-light spinning rod baited up with live crickets, worms, or salmon eggs.

Dear webmaster of
I went fishing in Bouquet Canyon Creek in September 20,2009.It was a very nice experience since i only did ocean fishing before.I caught several small rainbow trouts. Yes,small,very small and only rainbow trout :)).
Here are tips for people who want to go fishing in this little creek:
+The creek is very narrow,shallow and bushy. You might consider wearing an appropriate outfit. Don't ever wear flip flop (i wore flip flop and failed many times)
+It is a good idea to use a very light fishing set up with treble hook (line,rod,weight) since fishes are not too big here
+Worms,salmon egg are the best bait (i tried to use squid head but it doesn't work at all :) )
+One of my favorite spot is if you go all the way up to the hill,you will see a sign of the waterfall,past the waterfall, you'll see an old empty house on the left,do fishing in the that bridge. The green bridge next to it is another got spot.I got all my fishes right there.
+Make sure that you obtain a parking permit and fishing license IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH HEAVILY FINES.

Nguyen K Nguyen

     If you know something about this area or have some photos that you'd like to share, please E-mail and I'll post it here!

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