All American Canal

Location and Directions:

     The All American Canal System is located in the southeast corner of California. From Los Angeles, take Int. 10 East to the 111 South past Palm Springs. From San Diego, take Int. 8 East. There are numerous canals and irrigation ditches throughout the area which are mostly accessible by dirt road.

General Info:

    The area is mostly farming land which requires large amounts of irrigated water for the crops. The abundant water supply provides a thriving enviroment for hunters and anglers. Daytime temperatures can reach over 110 degrees in the summer months.

Other lakes and rivers in the area:
Salton Sea
Colorado River-Needles

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Fishing Info:

    Channel and BIG Flathead Catfish are the main target here. There are also some Striped and Largemouth Bass, Panfish and Huge Carp here. Lot's off Bullfrogs too if you enjoy frog gigging. There are hundreds of miles of smaller canals that run off the main canal. All offer good fishing. Even the smallest trickle can have Big Catfish hiding in the deep-pooled "drops". Be sure to visit the CDFW web site for complete regulations before heading out.

Comments and Tips:

    I like fishing the All American Canal just below Imperial Dam north of Winterhaven. The cats here are big! Lots of flatheads and channels. Have had good luck using Doc's catfish bait and worms along with Night crawlers, goldfish and bluegills. Typical take over a weekend is 20 -30 fish between three of us. There are literally hundreds of fishing spots in this area. Watch out for the mosquitoes though because they are vicious!


Two spots that Iíve visited usually catch fish although not that big.

South East of Heber, just east of the rail road tracks. There seems to be a pump or something there, but you can usually catch on night crawlers or chicken liver.

Same thing for a strip right behind the Toys R Us in Calexico although that fence that gets you to the access road is sometimes closed.

Jose Castaneda

     If you know something about this area that you'd like to share, please E-mail and I'll post it here!

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