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Thread: back to snapping this morning

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    Default back to snapping this morning

    the bite was back on this morning

    smaller 40-60lb models around the backside of clemente working current breaks mostly trolling paddies are empty

    off of santa barbara island there
    are limits going for a couple of private boats all toads 120+
    one guys been on since 430 am and still fighting hard

    fish where on meter marks hooked on soaking macks

    water is 64-66 and purple cleaned up nice from that last low

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    they have been on their fish for more than 12 hours and still waiting to even see what it is
    they got it on straight 200lb mono with a 1200lb leader on a forged 18 0 hook

    so the fish isn't going to be busting free too easy
    they are lucky that the weather has stayed good also

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    340lb broadbill
    took them 19 hours and towed them 30 miles
    said they never saw it until they got it up to the boat

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    stormy crappy weather but somehow plenty of 63-65 degree water lots of bait and 60-100lb bluefin swimming 35 miles from the beach

    fish still hanging around between the ismus and santa barbara island

    for the beginning of december not bad

    nobody is really out looking for them except a few boats both
    commercial and sportboats and they're still getting them

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