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Thread: wall to wall bait

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    Default wall to wall bait

    the water between pt conception south into n baja is swarming with more bait that's been seen in a while and everything is feeding from the whales all the way down the food chain
    you have squid ,chovies ,sardines ,and macks of all sizes everywhere

    huge spots and temperate water

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    Quote Originally Posted by twin22s View Post
    it means that the water is still 63-65 clean and loaded with bait
    so the local fish are hanging

    nov marlin and tuna are there for the taking if you feel lucky

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    hit and miss bluefin limits this morning
    nice fish 40-60 lb models
    off the rigs
    more fish between radilina and clemente with a bigger class of fish out by santa barbara island that were snapping early

    wasn't to bad outside today s/sw winds breezing 10 this morning still oodles of bait water is still warm going from 63 to 70
    again this is the middle of nov and fishing is still great

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    yesterday was a miss
    blasted out of dp about midnight friday and headed towards the isthmus was a fairly flat sonar was metering a lot of bait
    water was anywhere from 61 to 68 on the way out nice lump on the build though when we started towards santa barbara island went from 2-4 to a solid 8 out of the nw

    ran for 6 hours found 1 spot of breezers and hung one bf and lost a pair

    after it got light not much happened saw a couple of spear carp sunning but had no luck

    hit a high spot dropped for some rock cod

    got our 30 fish on 2 drifts and 4 nice lings headed back towards radilina and looked for more fish noda
    with a building swell and with the wind picking up to 20+ we headed back to the barn

    didn't see anything on any patties we passed on the way back no shortage of whales they were breaching all over

    and big spots of mackerel

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