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Thread: a new season

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    Default a new season

    last friday took 2 of my grandchildren out for opening bug night
    nobody out ,except 2 boats with divers i parked outside christmas tree reef

    dropped two hoops ,
    baited them with salted sardines and cat food
    first pull must have had a dozen shorts ,but no sugar
    the the kids where excited
    so we stays for a while and headed back to dp about 10

    must have pulled 30 shorts and somehow 4 legal bugs and a big spider crab that got returned
    all's well that ends well no injuries or meltdowns or breakdowns
    was parked in about 60-70 ft and not much current

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    going to give it another try only fish a little deeper tonight
    should lay down flat and be mellow

    hope my crew holds up and the crawl is like a F1 race

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    went back out with all 3 grandkids and pops

    fished the same area only deeper

    spent 2 1/2 hours soaking 4 hoops

    got 17 legal bugs with some nice midsize ones
    a couple more boats out mostly closer to the harbor ,but not many

    if you've been thinking about going now could be a good time

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    Going out Friday

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    What's the best way to keep lobster alive on the way back home and for a day at home?

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    soak a gunny sack or beach towel in salt water so it's moist put the bugs in it wrap it around them and put them in the refer as long as they are moist and cool they will hold for at least a day or two and stay fresh for a few or you can just pull the tails and throw them in a tupperware in the refer and close it up live bugs shouldn't be sealed up

    was in a rush when i replied the other day or i would have added the superfood of longevity
    if you can get some off your hoops keep the kelp
    put the kelp in with them
    will really keep them happy
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    all good things end
    went out tuesday and got skunked nothing

    no shorts just a few crabs
    i'll try again between the next to low systems

    offshore commercial guys are still cranking and the chinese market is still caliente so don't look for any bargain prices locally

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