Older son had a play date so I asked my younger son what he wanted to do and he said fishing. So fishing it was. Santa Ana River lakes was done with their trout stocking so decided to head up to Lake Gregory since they just stocked some trout. We left our house in Garden Grove at 620am and got to the lake a bit before 8am. By the time we got there, there really wasn't any areas open to fish. There were a couple groups with big stringers full of fish, but everyone else had 1-3. Everyone I talked to got there around 4am and said it was crowded at 4am. We tried finding a spot around the lake but couldn't find a clearing. Came back to the parking lot and found a small area I was able to cast out 1 bait rod. Finally was able to cast out a rod around 930am. We had our first bite by 945am. After that, we got bit consistently and had 5 fish by 12 when it got too hot. That was pretty good considering we only used 1 rod. Once it warmed up around 9am, the bite really died down. I found a pattern out deep and was casting as far as I could using power eggs. I shared the power eggs with the guys next to us and told them to cast it as far out as they could. Once they started doing that, they started getting bites. There seems to be a lot of fish in there, but the bite seems like its more of an early bite before the sun comes up.