Kids had so much fun last week, they were asking to go again this week. Who am I to turn down a fishing trip. This time, mom decided to join the fun. We got there by 6 and set up near the same spot as last week. Definitely a lot slower this week. Our first bite was on power eggs, and it looked to be about 6-7lbs the way it was coming out of the water. Tried to pass the rod to my younger son and the hook pulled. Hooked a second fish and tried to pass the rod to my older son and the hook pulled. Bait wasn't getting bit as well afterwards, but some mini jiggers further down were getting bites. I tied on a small tiny jerkbait/crankbait lure to toss out and got a bite immediately. Thought it was a larger trout, but ended up being a 2-3lb largemouth. Throwing different lures, we probably had another 4-5 hookups, but the hook pulled on everything. Finally tied on a small underspin and hooked a 5.26lb trout and brought that in. After that, we got 4 more trout on power eggs and left by 12. As we were leaving, the people next to us starting getting bites so it seems like the afternoon bite is really good. All our bites were on white colored baits.