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Thread: good chance for albacore fishing this year

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    Let me remind people of dangers the government ignored or put a band aid on it for years. (while thousands of people died every year)

    1. Smoking

    2. Climate change

    3. Gun violence

    4. Automobile safety devices (including seat belts and air bags)

    5. Pollution of our oceans including dumping!!!!!!

    still missing your point

    you seem unable to distinguish between known historic occurrences that have been made public

    and public indifference to assuring a change in policy by confronting the problem

    was there
    ever any laws stop you from installing seatbelt

    the correlation between disease and smoking was public knowledge since pre ww2
    and even with 80 years of public warnings new people still start smoking today

    climate change never denial that it happened

    only the basic driving force that is responsible

    gun violence

    it's up to the mass's to cause change

    and somehow you think instead of indifference it's a coverup

    pretty weak excuse using the government as your personal judas goat

    no facts hidden

    the numeral uno cause of death for the 18 and under demographics not drugs

    but drugs make better news coverage

    people know this and keep on buying guns like they are hotcakes
    why because they don't care

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    fish are now 320 to 450 miles due west of pt loma
    mixed size 15 - 50 lb
    yellowfin and bluefin mixed in

    water temp 62-66
    now just a question how close they come before they hook up towards canada
    if they are going to show it should be before june

    a fair spot also off of gaudalupe that are just hanging

    water temp 66-68 lots of bait

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    fish scattered from 180 miles. w of pt loma
    to within 60 miles outside of morro

    salmon boats up north looking for income are hanging a few

    as long as the salps are still floating in large numbers inshore

    still have a great chance for fish
    shows wind and current are good for a showing

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    fish haven't moved much closer
    warm water is starting to squeeze them into the cooler stuff
    wind and current can still move them in

    as long as there is clean water and food
    they should show

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    ok fish are splitting up into two main groups

    the ones straight out are heading north
    but a even larger group are spread between cedros and guadalupe and are heading up on a inside track

    these could be our shot
    mostly larger fish 20-35lb class

    keep hoping it will be an alby 4th of july barbeque

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    mexican 50 toners
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    still coming

    mexican yellowtail pangas are getting them 60miles sw of isla san martin

    62-66 degree water lots of bait mostly small greenbacks and squid
    lots of sw wind

    so get ready

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    new update

    fish are as close as 29 30 N, 117 17 W
    no walk in the park to go exploring

    same 60-66 water temp and big spots of bait

    scattered and small
    ,mixed in with yellowfin

    a pair of spearcarpers on their way home from cabo will be heading through that area sunday or so

    hopefully will get a update
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    ok just heard from my buddy
    him and his shadow left cedros midmorning and and headed west northwest
    not much wind 6-10 sea and no roll

    water is low to mid 60's

    not much bait so they headed out looking for moon movers
    they heaved to for the night
    and are now staring at the sonar looking for monsters and checking out the radar
    for the coast guard who are looking at their radar
    wondering what they are doing out in middle of nowhere

    long 6 hours and only

    a few fish on the troll mostly yt's and small 20-40 lb yf's tunas and yes the forbidden word acb. all small and scattered
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    they are heading back in towards cedros

    12 to 15 turned into a 25 to 40

    with a nice lump
    no fun at all my pal said

    perfect weather for rock coding but no go for trolling
    but then again how bad can abalone and bug dinners be

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