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Thread: The quality of trout at lake Hemet is outstanding!

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    Default The quality of trout at lake Hemet is outstanding!

    As I said in earlier threads, "people want to hear about other peoples fishing experiences!" So please write up any fishing experiences that you had recently. (I'll lead by example) My idea of a day trip in fishing, is anything 2 hours of driving away one way. So this gives me many options in fishing, based upon I live on the LA County border with Orange County. (I read everything I can about fishing in California) So if anything that strikes me interesting, "I'll plan a trip to go, to see if I like the experience in fishing there!" Some places have been a major hit, like fishing Lake Wohlford. While other places have been a Flop! But you never know if your going to like fishing there, till you give it a try. Lake Hemet was one of those lakes! (I've never been there before) It is slightly past the 2 hour away driving distance but it's not that bad. I'll give credit where credit is due. Andrew Mack (the guy who is pictured on Red Crimson Bite on Garlic dip) has parlayed his fishing abilities to a darn good fishing writer and reporter, featured on many different fishing publications, including his own Andrew Mack reports. (a little plug for him) He wrote up Lake Hemet a couple of times last year and reported on about the quality of bigger Rainbow trout they stock there.

    The good news there, you can catch them from shore on either jigs or bait. Only 2 boats were fishing there when we were there and they didn't have a clue what they were doing! If it was me, I would be drifting around the area they stocked them in with Power bait on the bottom. Or trolling for them with Leadcore line and my favorite trout lures. You know what one of them did? Got in the middle of the little cove where the Marina is and sat there C blocking the shore dudes. (you could have hit them in the head with a short cast from shore) But in some way's they did me a favor! (I'll get to that in a minute) I make a big deal about what hatchery stocks each lake. Some are real good and some are crap! The Irvine lake hatchery they use is crap and the lake Wolhford hatchery they use is first rate! (Mount Lassen is the good hatchery) Well Mount Lassen stocks both Wohlford and lake Hemet, so I knew exactly what they like to eat. They will eat jigs and Power bait really well, so take your pick on how you want to catch them. They will eat the other stuff too, but why waste time trying to figure out what their going to eat, when you already know. If your bait fishing, just go with corn Power bait dipped in Garlic. If you into jig fishing, most people used a bobber with their mini jigs. So when in Rome, do as the Romans do!!!

    On to the fishing.

    When we arrived at the lake looking for a spot to fish. (remember we've never been there before) We saw a group of jiggers working the back of a small cove by the marina. (about 12 of them in number) We saw several splashes of fish being reeled in at the time! Unfortunately, us trying to crash the party with our bait and wait set ups, would have gone over like Skunks in Church! So we set up at the other end of the cove and fished and waited and observed! That boat in the middle of the cove was totally screwing up the shore guy's action. I told Racer X, that those trout are just swimming in a circle at the other end of the cove. If we see an opening down there, we should take it! Well as Jiggers go, they have the patience of ADA children! (if their not getting any action, they move on) So it eventually got down to 2 people there and that stupid boat. So here was our chance to set up in the perfect spot.

    I figured I could give the stink eye to that stupid boat and make him move. (I'm good at talking crap to deserving people, as most of you should now by reading my threads!) Lol Sure enough he moved and now if my calculations were correct. The trout would now start swimming in a circle and start hitting both baits and lures again. It didn't take long before I got my first hit on Power bait. (if anyone has ever seen me fish bait from shore, knows I let the fish set the hook in the rod holder) So when I got my first bite, I really let him eat it a long time. So long that the guy next to me, pee and craped his pants while watching the rod jiggle in the rod holder. He kept saying, "swing!!!" That fish is there! I said, "no it's not!" Yes it is!!! I know it is, he kept yelling as he kept peeing and craping his pants! To shut this guy up, I had to pick up the rod and swing to show him the fish wasn't there! (it wasn't) So the next bite I got only 5 minutes later. I let the fish eat it long enough, to try to pull the rod in the lake. That's when their on there, when they do that! 2 quick bites in 5 minutes got the attention of the other anglers in the lake. (plus that guy making all that noise, while peeing and craping his pants)

    This time we were in the Alpha spot! Now the jiggers came back, but found us camped out with 4 bait rods, right where they would want to cast! Sorry Charlie, you left this spot and now you get to watch the bait guy's do some damage. Before you fell sorry for them, everyone of them made a good catch early this morning. On some of the best looking and bigger Rainbow trout I've seen in awhile. If it wasn't 3 pounds or bigger, it was a dink! It didn't take long and I filled my quota of nice Rainbow trout! I will definitely coming back to fish this lake again.

    Some basic information and some tips, if you want to try this lake for yourself. It doesn't get stocked very often, but when it does. It gets stocked heavy with a lot of really nice fish. So look for when they stock it again, before giving it a try. (so do some truck chasing!) They also like to stock on Tuesdays, so plan your trip accordingly. Lol It is higher elevation, which means it's colder then the flat lakes we all fish. But the good news is, "you can park right in front of where your fishing! So if your bait and waiting, you can see your rods from the warmth of your car! Lol Seriously, if it's cold and the wind is blowing, that's not a bad idea. At least till it warms up later in the day! They do charge $25 a car load, so don't be sticker shocked at the gate. (but no other fees, so it's not that bad!) They will bite the jigs, but their a sucker for the usual baits, especially Yellow corn Power bait dipped in Garlic! I'm sure they stock them in the same place every time. So the back end of that small cove, is probably always good right after a trout stocking. Don't wander too far away, from where they put them in. If you don't know where that is, "just follow the crowd!" I think the next time I go, "I'm going to try a boat!" Weather permitting of course!
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    they dump lots of fish into it with very very little weekday pressure
    excellent camping right there

    being a stink bait guy you should check out lake fulmor
    all the smaller cats you want and a few nice bass to get

    i went there to check out steelhead fishing first time in the early 60's
    never had any luck

    again empty during the week

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    Hey etucker, I see you're still at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcuser View Post
    Hey etucker, I see you're still at it.
    I'll never give up on fishing and reporting about it!

    It's the game that makes life worth living.

    My identity as a person comes now from fishing. (Good and Bad)

    I could bore you people with a lot more fishing related story's about myself. But I'll try to be Joe Friday (Dragnet) and just stick to the facts Sir! Lol

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