Hey guys,

Just came up here for the first time and never heard of Fulmor until a few days ago lol. Any suggestions on how to best fish it these days? They just planted a stock and we struck out. I was using power eggs (orange/clear glitter magnum and pink/clear glitter magnum eggs as well as red head/white tail micetails and glitter magnum eggs) at first with a shorter leader at the south end of the lake near the road. A lot of weeds there but it did look like fish were on the surface. I have no idea what I'm doing with bobber fishing so didn't get rigged up properly for that. A couple guys walked by later and told me to use a longer leader so I did (on the c-rig) but no luck. I was throwing a small 5g gold minnow as well on another light setup but no hits. We moved to several different spots. First tried a few spots near the south end by the road then made our way to a couple spots across from the dock.

Any ideas on how to fish this lake right now? Like what leader lengths and on what type of rig?