What has happened to the place? I've been fishing this lake for over a decade on a regular basis and this is the longest slow spell I've ever seen. Last year at this time I caught a bunch of 4-8 pound Largemouth bass, and stripers were a bit slow, but catchable. This last couple months have been not only slow, but odd. The usual dawn bite in white water at the inlet is no more. Reaction baits for largemouth aren't doing their usual magic. Yes, there are a few exceptions here and there, but as I said I've been a student of the place for quite a while. Talking with other regulars they agree it's spooky. It all started with the absence of the shad spawn and accompanying striper blitz last October. Every day a dozen boats would line up in the east end waiting with their topwaters and swimbaits. Even the Pelicans and gulls would line the shores. Nada. Yes we could catch some fish, but nothing like years past. After a week or so even the birds went to DVL or someplace else.

Maybe I'm just bored by staying home instead of grinding it out on the no man's land, but thought I'd share my frustration.