First time on the West Shore this year for Irvine Lake on Friday, 7/22/2022, 7 AM to 10 AM.

I got there right when it opened and headed towards the left (West Shore). Fished about 100 feet away from the boat dock since others beat me there already. I got 3 bites but missed all of them (2 on keitech underspins and 1 on drop shot roboworm). I didn't see anybody else catching any bass around me. One guy caught a carp and catfish but released them. I saw some bass going for top water near shore where I was too. A guy to my right was throwing topwater and big swimbaits but they weren't biting for him.

I haven't fished the west shore in a year so to me, the water levels went up and and the shore has lots of weeds and shrubs but you can walk through them easily for some open pockets to fish from. According to one of the workers, they been doing something with the pump or drain so it could have put the bass in a funk.