Hi All, just a fun little video of a quick speed test of my new 2022 Compass. It was the maiden voyage and I wanted to check it out before heading out on the salt.

I was surprised to see that my lighter, more nimble Compass was not much faster than my older Outback. The Outback is heavier and has a wider bow. I was expecting the Compass to beat the pants off of it.

I noticed the compass is a bit less stable, probably due to the more narrow front end. The seat is a big deal to me and the new seat in the 2022 Compass is nice, but it does not match the outback for adjustability and support. Of course there is a reason for the Compass being less expensive.

I got the Compass primarily for when I take out my son, nephews and others. I love my Outback and feel it is definitely still my boat of choice.