Have you done any fishing around Catalina? I used to take a day boat out to the island on the Redondo Special 30 years ago but nothing in recent history. I went out last weekend and rented a kayak to do some fishing, man what a blast. There are so many fish around that island its amazing.

I did not have a lot of time as I was actually on a 34th wedding anniversary trip, so I did not want to push my luck Anyway the little fishing I got in was amazing. Got a fish on just about every drop in the kelp. Just used some frozen shrimp I brought along in my cooler. Was going to do some jigging but did not get a chance.

I brought a rather small rod and reel not knowing what the 'Catalina Express' boat people might say. As it turned out guys were coming on board with multiple single piece rods and such. Due to my light gear I lost some big ones to the kelp. Next time I'll come more prepared. Just wish I could bring the Hobie along


If you have a chance to go over there you will not regret it. And its beautiful to boot.