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Thread: Darkshadow

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    The war in Ukraine is Putin's war, and he is Trump's buddy. Autocratic minded people like those are dangers to society.

    It may be true that we are due for some kind of revolution, possibly a war. I was hoping that it would not be this time, but it looks like it could be. There is a book by historians Strauss and Howe, who found that there is a revolution in the world approximately every 80 years, apparently after older generations die off and people forget about the horrors of the last crisis. It is called The Fourth Turning. It normally turns out the "the good guys" win and there is progress. I have been hoping for such, but without the calamity of a massive war. The previous one ended in 1945, so 2025 will mark 80 years since the end of WWII.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    Who is we?
    "We" would be a factually correct statement. Try to keep up.

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    How you been?

    Good it seems!

    Here's some good reading material:

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