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Thread: pine flat fishing

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    This is the same old argument I've heard for years by Dock owners. I've been told before by the French Gulch Marina operators at lake Isabella. To get out of their Marina because they owned the water for 1/4 of miles out from their docks! (what a bunch of BS!) Look up the Yelp reviews on that place!!! They are pretty terrible and their boat pricing and policies are equally bad. They even enforce a weight limit on their fishing boats! 3 Big guys in their decent size boats are not allowed! She even threatened to pull out a bathroom scale to weigh us all, because we were slightly over the recommended weight limit! I can talk all the crap I want now about that Marina, because my buddy who owns property up there, now has a great pontoon boat for all of us to fish from! (no more dealing with that Marina!!!) Thank God!
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    This past year was a bad one for me in terms of being a victim of other people's bad behavior while I was fishing. Twice, I believe people in boats purposely cut my fishing line while I was fishing from shore in the launch ramp area at Perris Lake. Worse, we had an outing to the ocean last summer with my wife and daughter. I tried to find a fishing spot twice to no avail due to things like "no fishing" signs or "no pets allowed" signs. (Isabella had her dog with her.) Finally, I decided to try M Street Peir in Newport, which I had fished in the winter before when it was not crowded. It was crowded this time, but I found a spot and managed to catch several fish (mostly undersized Kelp Bass that I put back.) When it was time to leave, I could not find my plastic fishing equipment container (the type with a bunch of small compartments in it). Somebody had obviously stolen it while I was concentrating on fishing. Fortunately, my main equipment was in a backpack that was still there. I had gotten the smaller plastic container out to change my terminal tackle. I am not sure I want to go back there again.

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    somewhere in 60 years of clutter lays a old metal tackle box with some nickel live anchovy tickets in it

    times have changed

    no more landing nets

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    I still have my dad's old metal tackle box. In fact, I inherited all of his fishing equipment when he passed on. To be honest, if people had asked me for some equipment, I would have gladly given some away to them, especially the stuff that I don't need. There is no need to steal it. That only reflects badly on them and shows that they are real jerks, or worse. However, the stuff that they did steal, was equipment that I had been actively using, which is why it was in the plastic container where I usually put assorted fishing stuff that I have been using, for convenient access.

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    almost every pier had live bait 24/7

    made a difference

    now a unlimited number of jerks
    an a very limited number of fish
    on a restricted schedule to catch them

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