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Thread: hybrid soft plastic lures you can make and man do they catch fish!

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    Default hybrid soft plastic lures you can make and man do they catch fish!

    I started making hybrid plastics a few years ago after I got tired of pouring plastic into molds and coming up with the same size and shape day after day. Considering the bags and bags of soft plastic lure accumulated over many decades, I figured why not come up with new shapes and size as well a modify lures already owned? I hold each end of the two parts to be connected using a candle, hold together for 4 seconds and that's it. Here are a few:

    3 lb. white sucker and yellow perch caught on a modified Crappie Magnet grub:

    curl tail added to a segment of a Fr. Fry stick:

    clear taper tail added to a grub body:

    fin tail added to a segment of different bodies:

    claw added to segment of stick:

    Joker grub tail added to a different body"

    Two grub bodies (minus tails) attached together"

    Jigs used were from 1/24-1/16 oz. Do hybrids catch more fish than the original? In my book they do hands down!
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    nice!!!! i'll have to try this out too when I can find some free time!

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    A candle flame and a bit of imagination is all you need. Nice thing about the lures shown is that they catch most fish species which is great for kids who haven't used lures before. My grandkids caught over a dozen fish each first time they cast them!
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