RAPALA SLAB RAP Rainbow Trout Ice Fishing.

At times when the usual lures and baits don't work you have to think outside of the box.

My motto is to start big and flashy to attract the fish to your location and then downsize to meet the mood of the fish.

It really is odd when this occurs, but some days the fish actually only come into and bite a more aggressive larger presentation.

I love using flash spoons, but swim jigs and vertical jigging swimbaits like the Rapala Slab Rab and Rippin Rap can be phenomenal producers. In the video I wasn't having very good luck landing the fish, but I was able to hook up with several on this bait. The smallest size do have very light trebles and the large trout are sometimes too much for them and straighten the hooks. So consider upsizing your treble. But for optimal action the original trebles are best.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy the video. If you have any further questions please ask in the comments below.