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Thread: Back Jack do it again! (twice)

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    Default Back Jack do it again! (twice)

    As I said in my previous reports, "I might have to hit Lake Wohlford this season with a vengeance!" Lake Irvine is off to a terrible start! What's happening there is small non biting fish and lake closures do to the Rains. (Great start for them not!) So after a fantastic trout opener for me at Lake Wohlford, "I now have a boat load of people wanting to go there!" I friend of mine wanted to go there on Saturday the 18th with his kids. I told him where to fish and what baits they wanted. He was limited out by noon! So on Sunday, I thought it would be easy pickings for the 3 of us in the boat. (it was though one of those rare non stock weeks) So it started off OK for us, "then a funny thing happened." The new guy in the boat, was snake bit on these trout! As me and Racer X were almost done with our limits, he had only caught 1 trout using the same bait and tackle we were using. So he threw a hail Mary pass and redeemed himself nicely in the last hour or so of fishing. Instead of him sticking with the super secret Power bait we've been using, "he put on a Funky Mice tail they apparently liked!" (he caught up really fast in a hurry) So we missed our boat limit by 1 fish that trip and thus ended our streak at 8 consecutive Full boat limits on trout at Lake Wohlford! (one stinking trout cost us our streak!) Lol

    So on Wed the 22nd of Dec we started on a new streak. This time we had Stretch Cunningham with us, instead of Shaft. (I did still have Racer X with me) Now this was a stock week and they had stocked trout twice this week before we got there. (one was a stinking state stock with 1/2 pound fish) My friend who went on Saturday was there today too with his kids. He arrived before we did, so my first order of business was to see how he was doing. He went to the same area as we fished on the weekend and caught nothing when I talked to him. (so the newly stocked fish haven't made it down there yet) So now I need to go look for them! They stock them at the Boat dock area and since nobody was catching them there when we shoved off. They must be somewhere in the middle of the lake or in one of the coves was my thinking. (I don't ever consider going to the Deep water by the West buoys) So I started out drifting in the middle above the 2nd air ratter. Nothing there! So I moved up to the next air ratter in the middle of the lake and we caught 4 trout there while drifting. I did notice a fly boat real close to the shore in one of the coves. (I saw him catch 2 or 3 fish in there while we were drifting by) He then left that spot and went into the East end. Big Mistake!!!! I knew they had not made it down there yet and unfortunately my friend stuck it out there too! After doing another drift in the middle for nothing, we then hit that cove where the fly boat had been in. Both stockings of fish were stacked up in there big time!!! On our first drift we caught 5 trout! (1/3 of the fish in there were the state fish) By then my friend came by and said, "it was time for them to go." We were up to 9 trout by then. He said, "he thought about going in there but didn't!" To make a long story short, we were done 30 minutes later with another Full boat limit of trout! I've never caught trout in there before, "so I found another good spot!"

    As I said in my last report. To encourage participation on this web site, you can PM for exact baits and locations! With the heavy rains a coming before Christmas and afterwards. You should call down there for a water visibility report before you go! If the water is Brown and all muddied out. It's definitely, "No Bueno for trout fishing down there!"
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