Itís been a while since Iíve hit up Santa Ana river lakes , lately we have been killing stripers at castiac
My kid is on winter break so figured time to get him on some fish , but with out too much work lol
We got to the lake around 3 AM I was surprised to see only about 30 cars in line I was expecting a lot more they open up the gates about 530 and the lines are moving pretty fast we had to straight for the pumphouse I expected it to be full to my surprise nobody took the pump house until about seven. Around 730 their first bite , this fish was Fighting hard to get a little closer we realize that it was a fat one hit the scale at 5 1/2 pounds, Picked up another stocker and then nothing but short bites till 1230, Made some adjustments and they paid off got our limit by 3 oíclock enjoy the picturesClick image for larger version. 

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