Took my older son for a night out fishing on Friday. We got to Santa Ana River Lakes by 4:10 and were about 20th 15th in line. Since it was a nice 91 degrees when we got there, the spot I tried to find was one with shade. Most of the people were parked from bubble hole to casa corner, but we found some trees in the area near the pump house. We set up our rods with mealworm marshmallows, shrimp, and mackerel. First bite was on the mealworm marshmallow combo about an hour in. Then nothing for another hour, then 2 more fish on the mealworm marshmallow combo. Once it got dark, we missed a bite on the shrimp and got one more on the mackerel right before we packed it up for the night. Seemed like it was more of a visual bait thing during the daytime and switched to a scent bite once it got dark. Did not see anyone else around us get any fish. We saw fish boiling not too far from shore, and it looked like it was catfish. We gave our fish to a group next to us before we headed out. It was a nice night out and we even got some fish.