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When it comes to trout stockings, "if you had a bad result from the stocking!" It doesn't usually turn around! So I generally just write it off and move on to something else. But for inquiring minds who want to know for sure????? It was crap on this past Friday too! I guessed it would be crap, so I went catfishing in the back on Friday and had 1 half hearted catfish bite! One my way out, I talked to a friend of mine in the parking lot and he saw 1 catfish caught, 1 carp caught and 1 trout caught! So my guess was confirmed that it was going to be crap ole! That why I had a plan B lined up for Sunday. See my Lake Wohlford report, it's going to be a good one.
I agree with ETucker. No more of those baby non biting trout. The rest of my trout fishing will be at Wohlford were I know the trout will be bigger, they will bite and I can also hunt for Catfish and Crappie. I just got recent intel on the Catfish and Crappie bite at Wohlford from a buddy of mine who works there.