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Thread: Heads up! Danger

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    Default Heads up! Danger

    With the lake level falling fast be aware of the fence posts just outside of the inlet. Yesterday I was at that buoy line, looked down and saw a fence post maybe 12 inches below the surface. Could be a real bad day for someone not paying attention. Stay safe!

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    Thanks for that, a real bad day for sure.

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    I passed your warning along to another site, and you have been thanked. However, there was a question I could not answer but I hope you can.
    The quest is if you can pinpoint which part of the lake the "inlet" is located. Is it the north side by the dam where the concrete channel dumps into the lake?

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    The inlet is the cement channel where the water flows into the lake, south of the dam buoys. If you're facing the inlet you can look up the hill and see the fence and where it enters the lake. If you look across the lake you can see where it leaves the lake and goes up the hill. I believe prior building the lake, it was on continuous fence.

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    Thanks, NFCD 1

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