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Thread: nice smallie and redear.

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    Default nice smallie and redear.

    ive got a few redears like this so far. but this my best smallie here. the bad thing it was also a bait and wait. and not on topwater or fake stuff like i wouldve liked. the drop shot here is about as bad as castaic too easy to snag and lose rigs. so i just been throwing topwater constantly while i got the bait and waits out. though the small fish have been hitting nicely that i dont have much time for the topwater sometimes. but if i get out first thing in am or more towards when the sun is going down then ill concentrate more on topwater. there is another vid i put on my youtube like 15 minutes long it shows a topwater i got from cast to catch in the last minute and half if you want to check it out and more of the fire bait and wait.. it was a pretty good fish also but was getting dark so had to sepia it just to be able to see it. 10" redear and bluegill are considered trophies here though i think both get a lot bigger here. i did have one lunk bluegill but sadly i thought i was recording but i didnt. later guys.

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    Nice smallie and redear!

    You living out there now?

    I hear Kentucky has a lot of spotted bass. Those are always fun to get into.

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    ya been out here almost a month now. been fishing a lot. its different from castaic though. its so shallow from the banks. ive got some largies and smallies here and there but they mostly dinks and really random. i havent got a spotted bass yet. i might have to get a fishing kayak so i can get to some drop offs here that dont have asian carp in them. i almost did have a tank a couple nights ago when the sun was going down it bust but miss my popper sadly. hopefully soon though the water cools off some and they start chasing the shad up into the shallows and creek channels and i get on a school or at least a few decent ones. i do think its too shallow from the banks though. compared to castaic where i would be dragging in the 20 foot or so range more then not and get nice ones. though i have found some spots that arent too bad to drive to but im waiting till i get a job before i waste gas going farther and farther and trying to get on em. so just trying to fish for cheap and close to my house for now. so been avoiding dropshot also and mainly doing topwater so i dont lose much either right now lol. later man

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