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Thread: Commifornia!! :-D

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    Default Commifornia!! :-D

    LOS ANGELES (CNS) -- The city of Los Angeles now has one of strictest vaccine mandates in the country.

    The Los Angeles City Council approved an ordinance on Wednesday that will require people to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination before entering indoor restaurants, bars, gyms, shopping centers, entertainment venues and personal care establishments beginning Nov. 4.
    So essentially, the "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" signs will need to be updated to, "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Vax Card, No Service."

    What think the scholars of FNN?

    I wonder if people were as p'd off when it became mandatory to have a shirt and shoes to enter a establishment back in the day.

    I mean, it's fairly simple right? If I wanna get a slushie at 7-11, I have to have shoes on. I don't see anybody complaining about that tho.

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    what about carrying a card around that says you are or are not - a pedophile ? And something that says you don't have any VD ?

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    We live in 2 different worlds in the USA. One based on science and truth and news organizations who will report that. Another world based on, if that other side is for "something" we must be against it! Here I'm listening to the Real News excitedly reporting Deaths, Hospitalizations and new cases of Covid 19 went down this week. They attribute it to the Mandates that are going into effect! Then I turn on the dis information network (Fox News) and they say how terrible these Mandates are! What a contrast!!!!

    One of those famous literature books that only the smart people read in High School. For example the Catcher in the Rye, the Great Gatsby, Moby Dick, A Tale of 2 City's and a Bad New world. (don't worry they made movies about all of them) In a Bad New World they genetically engineered people and put a Letter on their clothing to mark their intelligence level. A's were the top and B's etc. The menial Laborer people were marked O for Omega! We might as well start calling people Omegas and refer to those kind of people for what they really are. They are Mental Misfits that were born genetically that way. Plus they shouldn't be given the same Legal Status like voting rights of the Alphas and the Betas! Sounds like Science Fiction to some of you??? Think again!! Our Founding Fathers had that exact same idea! Only White property owning Men would be able to vote! Plus picking a President should only be done by smart people called Electors! That was the original concept of the Electoral College! Maybe the Founding Fathers were on to something we've gotten away from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by muskyman View Post
    what about carrying a card around that says you are or are not - a pedophile ? And something that says you don't have any VD ?
    Well, if any VD is carried around by air particles, we're screwed!

    And so you have no issues with having to wear shoes and a shirt to enter an establishment? That's too far reaching government IMO. What if I want to enter a Chilis without shoes and a shirt cuz it's hot?!

    I thought this was America.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muskyman View Post
    what about carrying a card around that says you are or are not - a pedophile ? And something that says you don't have any VD ?
    that could be the reason sex offenders and pedophile's do NEED TO register

    public safety has been legally upheld in our courts to supersede individual rights

    so you can be a typhoid mary and have your rights to die and or be segregated

    but not to be a social menace and social detriment

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    I still want to be able to walk into Applebee's like this:

    Where are MY rights?

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    it was the 20th century's first republicans kingpin that took the supreme courts decision and enforced it as the law of the land
    how come you typhoid mary's never mention that

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    Quote Originally Posted by capoisok View Post
    how come you typhoid mary's never mention that
    Because it doesn't help their argument.

    That, and it requires doing actual research that does not involve Facebook or YouTube.

    I'm still curious about my previous thought on how these jackasses don't get mad that you have to wear a tshirt and shoes to enter an establishment. Where's that outrage?

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    they really don't have much argument
    i really can't believe they are that delusional and demand that their rights supersede the well being of the mass's
    the biggest hypocrites are the christain right

    they cherry pick the sanctity of life willing to kill and die to stop abortion no mater what or why
    one baby is too many
    incest or rape

    bad luck for you moma

    but 5 or 6 million that died from covid

    the shining glory of god in full technicolor

    my question is how come 100 years ago they weren't this stupid

    Click image for larger version. 

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    notice that seating might have been segregated but mask wearing wasn't

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