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    Howdy y'all. Not much to report other than the fact that my last 7 sessions have been skunk central. Don't know what it is but it is no bueno. Regardless it has been relaxing throwing my line out even if it is for 3 hours at a time. Perhaps the most exciting news was seeing a halibut cruise the line up a few sessions ago and seeing my first turbot today. Maybe I will get one next time. Good luck out there.

    Quick Reminder: respect the line up and do not cast into someone else's zone. Had some jerkoffs cast right into where I was casting and tell me to move because they had higher ground. I was fishing the spot first btw. Knowing I would go to jail if I exchanged words, I decided to move far down the beach and get my new reel tuned in. Again, respect other people's fishing space.

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    The fishing, that's how it goes.

    The jack asses, well they're jack asses!

    Thanks for the report,

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